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The "Wow Factor"

Why Do We Need to Reimagine Learning Now?

Southampton (UK), July 2018 - The business ecosystem is more volatile than ever, with increased competition, the drive for digital transformation, and an uncertain political environment. It's become even more vital that the learning and development organisation embraces the need for rapid change in terms of attracting, retaining, and developing its talent. » MORE

National Geographic

World's First Open Air Augmented Reality Planetarium

(c) National Geographic
Glen Sutton, Quebec (CA), July 2018  - Au Diable Vert Station Montagne is excited to announce the creation of the world's first open air augmented reality planetarium "ObservEtoiles", which launched in June. Combining the technology of several cutting-edge companies from around the globe, this innovative new activity is sure to be one of the most novel and intriguing additions to Canadian tourism. » MORE

Corporate Rewards

Incentivised eLearning Can Increase Long-Term Engagement

Warwickshire (UK), July 2018 - A recent report by the firm Corporate Rewards looks at the benefits of incentivised eLearning, which is a form of online learning for businesses, in which staff can receive rewards when they complete different levels of training. Providing eLearning programmes to upskill business employees is one of the areas in which Corporate Rewards specialises. » MORE

Never Give Up

Nimble eLearning - Staying Agile

(c) Nimble
Gloucestershire (UK), July 2018 - Businesses must remain agile if they are to succeed. Steve Jobs defined this concept in his "5 Nevers”": Never give up. Never pretend. Never stand still. Never cling to the past. Never stop dreaming. Nimble follows a similar philosophy, which is reflected in the recent expansion of its teams. » MORE

Early Findings

The Towards Maturity L&D Health Check

London (UK), July 2018 - The early findings from the first 300 learning leaders in the Health Check highlights that we have high hopes but are overwhelmed! Ninety-four percent are looking to improve self-directed learning, but only eighteen percent are currently reporting success. » MORE


Mobile First

UpsideLMS Mobile Apps Available on Its Self Set-Up Trial Area

Pune (IN), July 2018 - UpsideLMS is a multi-award-winning, cloud based learning management system. The company has recently released native mobile apps for iOS and Android - along with its existing multi-device responsive support - to provide its users with an enhanced, seamless learning experience. To enable organizations in the process of selecting a mobile-first/ mobile-friendly learning platform to get a real taste of the product and thereby make an informed decision, the LMS has now integrated the mobile app component in its 14-day trial. » MORE

Emergency Services

Saving Lives with Digital Training

Jayne Crawley
(c) IMC AG
Saarbrücken (GER), July 2018 - They go into action to help the community when it's needed most: in case of car accidents, bush fires or major weather events like storms or floods. With volunteers and paid staff being the backbone, emergency services have complex requirements when it comes digital training. » MORE

FabLab Manager

Université Paris-Saclay Set to Teach Digital Manufacturing

Paris (F), July 2018 - Université Paris-Saclay has launched a new diploma programme designed specifically to teach students about digital manufacturing. The "Fablab Manager" programme will be part of the international FabFoundation network and a local ecosystem and has been designed to build creativity and innovative practices into existing businesses and start-ups. » MORE

New eBook

"Transforming Cultures in Larger Organizations"

San Francisco, CA (USA), July 2018- SweetRush has announced the launch of a new eBook, "Transforming Cultures in Larger Organizations", coauthored by the company's Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation, Ashley Munday, and Barrett Values Centre's Network Director, Tor Eneroth. » MORE

The Future of Virtual Learning

White Paper "The Online Classroom of the Future"

Oslo (NO), July 2018 - For busy educators, it's always helpful to have something more concrete to use when plumbing the depths of any vision that requires both a broad shift in mindset and significant investments of time and money. So, in the spirit of collaboration, ICDE member Drexel University has partnered with ICDE to share "The Online Classroom of the Future" - a whitepaper for download. » MORE


The MASIE Center

Former First Lady Laura Bush - Learning 2018 Keynote Speaker

Laura Bush
(c) Masie Center
Saratoga Springs, NY (USA), July 2018 - Former First Lady Laura W. Bush will be the keynote speaker at Elliott Masie's Learning 2018 conference, 05 November, in Orlando, Florida. » MORE

Make a Real Difference

AI in Learning - Donald Clark at LTSF 2018

London (UK), July 2018 - At his session at the recent Learning Technologies Summer Forum, Donald Clark pointed to examples of the application of artificial intelligence in learning. He also raised questions for the learning community about using AI to dramatically reduce eLearning development costs and improve access to learning. » MORE

The World of Learning

Keynote Speakers to Share Real-World Examples

(c) World of Learning
Birmingham (UK), July 2018 - The World of Learning conference will take place at Birmingham's NEC, 16-17 October. A comprehensive programme of presentations from industry experts will be framed by four keynote addresses from senior L&D leaders and specialists. » MORE

Global Market

African Companies Must Train or Lose Their Competitiveness

Kigali (RW)/Berlin (GER), July 2018 - In September, the world's leading experts on online learning will be in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, for eLearning Africa, the Continent's largest conference on technology assisted learning and training. Some of them are warning that a lack of focus on workplace learning and a failure to harness new technology to equip workers with vital new skills could undermine the benefits of steady economic growth in much of Africa over the last decade. » MORE

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