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Open Source

Partnership to Deliver Edtech across China and AP

Melbourne (AU), March 2019 - eCreators has entered into a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud Australia and New Zealand to deliver open source education technologies and eLearning content across China and AP. » MORE

Laura Overton

Towards Maturity Announces Departure of CEO and Founder

Laura OvertonLondon (UK), March 2019 - Towards Maturity has announced that CEO Laura Overton has taken the decision to step back, as the business moves to its next phase of growth. After fifteen years leading Towards Maturity on a mission to help learning innovation make a real impact, founder and CEO Laura Overton has taken the decision to step back, having secured its future as part of Emerald, a global provider of research and learning resources.  » MORE


The Top 15 Highest Performing Learning Departments

London (UK), March 2019 - Using benchmark data from its well established accreditation programme, the Learning and Performance Institute has identified the fifteen highest-scoring internal learning departments, all of whom are operating at the very best levels of performance. » MORE


Steve Webster Joins Microlearning Platform EdApp

Steve Webster and teamLondon (UK), March 2019 - Industry veteran Steve Webster has been appointed as Country Manager, UK for the innovative microlearning platform EdApp. Steve, a prominent personality in the learning landscape in Britain for more than twenty years, brings all his talent and expertise to drive adoption of the tool now being used by industry leaders worldwide. » MORE

Engage in Learning

A Discipline and Grievance eLearning Course

Gloucester (UK), March 2019 – "Discipline and Grievance" is the latest course addition to eLearning supplier Engage in Learning’s "legal compliance" series. » MORE


How to Engage Employees

Training That Inspires, Not Tires

Saarbrücken (GER), March 2019 – Are you ready to put digital learning at the core of your organisation? Then employee engagement will be your #1 priority. Consider that companies with fully engaged and motivated employees outperform companies that don't by as much as 202%. » MORE

Corporate Learning

Emerald Acquires Mind Tools

Bingley (UK), March 2019 – Emerald Group, a global provider of research and learning resources, has announced the successful acquisition of Mind Tools, a digital learning and performance support company. » MORE

Video Library

Corporates Back Project to Support Charity Digital Skills

Stroud (UK), March 2019 - The Clear Lesson Foundation has teamed up with River Island, Aviva, Costa Coffee, and Good Things Foundation to produce video resources to help charities tackle their digital skills. According to the Charity Digital Skills Report, 45% of charities don’t have a digital strategy, yet most charities know that digital skills can help them work more effectively and retain staff. For those charities that do have a strategy, they may not have the budget or resources to help them implement it. » MORE

STEM Education

Learn STEM Launches Online Surveys for School Teachers

Harleen (NL), March 2019 - Three online surveys have been launched on better school education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Learn STEM invites all school teachers, headmasters, and pupils to share their own opinions and needs. The three online surveys are available now. » MORE

University of Konstanz

Death-Notification Delivery Training for Police Cadets

Konstanz (GER), March 2019 - The blended learning course "Death Notification with Responsibility" supports police officers with one of their most challenging tasks. The course is the result of a scientific transfer project conducted by a research team led by Kirsten Mahlke, professor of cultural theory and cultural studies methods in the Cluster of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Social Integration" at the University of Konstanz. » MORE


Extending Salesforce’s Reach

Continuous Learning within a Single Environment

Toronto (CA), March 2019 - Get the most out of your Salesforce investment and experience seamless AI-powered continuous learning with Docebo. The new Docebo for Salesforce extends Salesforce’s reach to support learning across your entire enterprise within a single environment by embedding Docebo directly into Salesforce. » MORE


The Ultimate Guide to Migrating eLearning from Flash to HTML5

Pune (IN), March 2019 - As the imminent demise of Flash in 2020 nears, Upside Learning has launched a new eBook to help companies looking to convert their legacy Flash based courses under the ever shrinking deadline. » MORE


Film School Techniques for Live-Action Video Learning

Alexandria, VA (USA), March 2019 - iSpring Solutions and Curious Lion’s Andrew Barry will co-host a webinar on how to use live-action video to tell compelling stories and educate an audience. This session will explain how to apply five fundamental dimensions of filmmaking to creating live-action video based training. » MORE

eLA Programme Online

Turning Talent into Skills and Skills into Success

(c) ICWE

Berlin (GER) / Abidjan (CI), March 2019 - As the African continent prepares for a period of profound change, with the launch of a drive to create a common free trade area that increases exposure to global markets and technological innovation affecting every sector, this year’s eLearning Africa will ask some fundamental questions. » MORE


Onboarding - The Workplace Honeymoon Period

Paris (F), March 2019 - Did you know that losing employees during the first year of their contract costs companies at least three times the employees’ salary? Companies that have a successful onboarding program are almost twice as likely to have significantly lower recruiting costs as others. » MORE


International eLearning Awards - Academic Division

New York, NY (USA), March 2019 – Submissions for the 2019 International E-Learning Awards - Academic Division, presented by the International E-Learning Association (IELA), are currently open! The Entry Submission Form is posted on the IELA site, and the deadline for submission is 10 June 2019.  » MORE

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