Extensive Array

Health & Safety Institute Acquires CLMI Safety Training

Eugene, OR (USA), June 2017 - Health & Safety Institute (HSI), a leader in environmental health and safety (EH&S) software, training, and compliance services, has announced the acquisition of Minneapolis-based CLMI Safety Training, one of the nation's leading sources for innovative, high-quality safety-training videos and programs.


Online Training

EssentialSkillz Releases Whistleblowing eLearning Course

Rossett (UK), June 2017 - EssentialSkillz has launched a Whistleblowing eLearning course targeted at organisations looking to ensure that they have a comprehensive policy covering whistleblowing. The course educates employees on when whistleblowing is appropriate and what protections are in place.


On-Boarding Programme

ARM Partner with Business Smart International

Plymouth (UK), June 2017 - ARM Holdings Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corps, has partnered with Business Smart International to develop a bespoke simulation based on the ARM business. The simulation was aligned to both the ARM business strategy and culture and helps new hires to understand how ARM’s business model works. Teams are tasked with running and managing a core aspect of the ARM business in a virtual environment.


Blue Eskimo

Converging L&D and HR Functions Drives Growth

Nick JonesStoke Prior (UK), June 2017 - Learning-sector-recruitment specialist Blue Eskimo is expanding its business to include many HR roles, driven by the increasing convergence of corporate L&D and HR departments. In response to the increasing trend for organisations to either align or combine L&D and HR departments, Blue Eskimo is extending its recruitment services to include many HR and talent-management roles. 


From Summa Equity

Qlearsite Completes a $7.7m Growth Investment

London (UK), June 2017 - Qlearsite, a British HR-technology company that builds "people-analytics" software used for advanced statistical analyses of employee data, has announced that it has raised $7.7m with Summa Digital, the big-data platform recently established by Summa Equity.


At LT Summer Forum

Kallidus Shines the Spotlight on User-Generated Content

Cirencester (UK), June 2017 - Award-winning learning-and-talent-solutions provider Kallidus will be putting user-generated content (UGC) and its role in today’s modern learning strategies under the microscope at Learning Technologies Summer Forum. 


Towards Maturity

How to Kick-Start a Learner-Centric Strategy

Laura OvertonLondon (UK), June 2017 - Experience and the latest learning-tech research from E.On and Towards Maturity come together at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum. The emphasis is to show how giving an active voice to employees can create a customer-focused strategy that delivers growth, profit and business transformation. 


New Platform

Know-how to Be Shared Anytime and Anywhere

London (UK), June 2017 - The way people acquire and share expertise and "know-how" will change forever thanks to a new platform that has launched in the UK. IT consultants and experts - and those seeking such expertise - are among the key targets.


Memorandum of Understanding

Development as per the Kingdom’s "Saudi Vision 2030"

Dr. Khalid Al-TawilRiyadh (SA), May 2017 - LEORON Institute, one of the Gulf Cooperation Council region’s leading training providers has recently signed an MoU with BAE Systems SDT, a Saudi Arabian subsidiary of Britain’s BAE Systems, one of the foremost multinational defense, security, and aerospace companies. 


Soft Skills Library

ELearning Brothers Launches Customizable Courseware

Salt Lake City, UT (USA), May 2017 - eLearning Brothers has announced a first in the training industry: Customizable Courseware. Customizable Courseware is a fully designed and developed training package that includes the eLearning source files, classroom materials, and PowerPoint presentations. 


Training Industry

The 2017 Content-Development Companies Watch List

Raleigh, NC (USA), May 2017 - Training Industry has announced its 2017 Content Development Companies Watch List as part of its mission to continually monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies.


Friendly Competition

The Quad, a New Social-Community Feature

Saint Louis, MO (USA), May 2017 – ej4, an award-winning eLearning-content and learning-management-system (LMS) provider has added a new social-community feature to its LMS, Thinkzoom. This new space was created to encourage learners to connect with other learners for friendly competition, knowledge sharing, and training reinforcement for a more engaging learning experience.


Courses on Demand

Editable eLearning Content without the Uploads

Chester (UK), May 2017 - Global eLearning supplier EssentialSkillz have launched a new product that enables any client to deploy and update fully editable off-the-shelf training from the EssentialSkillz training library in their own LMS without the need to re-upload course files after editing.