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How much Security does Mobile Learning need?

Stefan StrobelHeilbronn (GER), Dezember 2016 - Stefan Strobel is Managing Director of cirosec GmbH. He has twenty years of experience in consulting large companies with very high security requirements and in the formulation of concepts and policies. At LEARNTEC, Stefan Strobel will address the question of how security vulnerabilities that may result from the use of mobile devices and applications can be avoided or resolved.


Modern Workplace Learning

The Problem of Learning habits - Change Requires Time

Hedwig SeipelBensheim (GER), Dezember 2016 - With the advances in digitalization, modern workplace learning is increasingly becoming a focus of theories on the transformation of learning processes in companies. To make the successful leap from theory to practice, though, our beloved learning and teaching habits have to be reexamined and changed. Digital learning designer Hedwig Seipel will give her views on how this can be done constructively at the LEARNTEC congress.


Global Blended Learning

IMPACT and the Uniform Global Compliance Standard

Dr. Alexander von RedenMunich (GER), Dezember 2016 – Dr. Alexander von Reden has been responsible for Compliance Management at BSH Home Appliances Ltd since 2015. It is his task to ensure that all the employees in both the company’s numerous factories in Germany and abroad and its global sales and service network are trained in compliance issues in accordance with their responsibilities. In the process, a uniform global standard for compliance training is to be adhered to. Dr. von Reden will speak about his approach to the solution: "IMPACT - International Management Program for Compliance Trainings" at the LEARNTEC congress.



So You Bought an LMS … Now What?

Sally-Ann MooreParis (F), October 2016 – (by Sally-Ann Moore, iLearning Forum) We have been talking to users who bought an LMS: few were very happy with their purchase once deployed; many shared useful experience with us. This article summarizes our findings. 


Content Is Not Dead

High-Quality Content Will Prevail over Time

Christian Wachter, CEO of IMC AGSven R. Becker, Sales Professional at IMCSaarbrücken (GER), May 2016 - Some experts involved in digital training say that producing costly eLearning content is a thing of the past: creating hours of training in movie quality is simply too expensive. Target audiences consisting of young learners need little bites of training that present content in a concise and easy-to-grasp manner. But will these bites, which are known as learning nuggets, be sufficient to reflect complex learning needs? And what concept will future learning content be based on in order to engage and motivate learners, while meeting the increasingly complex requirements of organizations in terms of on-the-job training at the same time? Christian Wachter, CEO of IMC AG in Saarbrücken, Germany, and Sven R. Becker, Sales Professional at IMC, talk about learning contents of the future and stand up for high-quality eLearning content. 


Digital Learning Culture

"A Change in the Minds"

Ingo SchneiderFrankfurt, December 2015 - Over the years, further technical training for the approximately 700 employees of the fund-services company Union Investment has predominantly been offered as face-to-face events. At the beginning of 2015, however, a decision was made and implemented to increase the use eLearning. This approach was completely new to many participants, and they had to be convinced of its usefulness. At LEARNTEC 2016, Ingo Schneider, Group Leader Business Performance in the Segment Control and Development of Fund Services Department, will report on the initial situation, the challenges, and the experience gathered during this change project. » MORE

Global Learning

"Maturity and Quality for the Chinese Market"

Jürgen WilkeStuttgart, December 2015 - German training providers are to export their services to China on a commercial basis. Under the name DRAGON, six organizations have joined forces in a project funded by Germany's Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to establish a training system for production management and production technology in the world's most populous land. At LEARNTEC 2016, Jürgen Wilke, project coordinator at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), which is a participant, will report on the project. » MORE

Industry 4.0

"Learning will be simplified further"

Thomas JeneweinWalldorf, December 2015 - For SAP, the topic of "digitization" has been an inherent part of daily business for years. Early on, the company identified five key factors that accompany digitization and are also reflected in learning and training. Thomas Jenewein, a longtime education and training specialist at SAP will outline these future scenarios at LEARNTEC 2016. » MORE

Mobile Learning

"Communication and learning are merging"

Sören BezzeghSchwalbach, December 2015 - In Korean, the name Samsung means "three stars", referring to the three elements that the conglomerate defines as standing for its corporate values: size, strength, and quality. Sören Bezzegh has worked as a trainer for products and sales at the German subsidiary's Samsung Learning Academy since 2011, where he champion's mobile learning. At the LEARNTEC 2016 Congress, Bezzegh will report on the development and deployment of a new mobile platform that smoothes the Samsung employees' pathways to learning. » MORE

P4G Business Game

One on One: The Player against the Machine

Stefano MenonMilano (I), November 2015 - Stefano Menon, from the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, will present "PLAY4GUIDANCE: A New Way to Evaluation and Guidance through Business Games". The session in which Stefano will participate at OEB answers the question "Student + Gamification = Engagement?". The meeting (SOL53) takes place Friday, 04 December 2015 from 14:15 to 15:30. » MORE


Promises for Open Badges and e-Portfolios

Eric RousselleOulu (FI), December 2015 - Eric Rousselle is CEO at Discendum and has contributed to the development of online learning solutions in both the academic and corporate worlds for over two decades. His topic at OEB will be "Open Badge Passport - Reinventing the ePortfolio with Open Badges" in the session on Friday, 04 December2015 from 16:30 to 17:30. » MORE

Video Educa Tech Lab

Transforming Passive Watchers into Active Learners

Sónia HetznerErlangen/Nürnberg (GER), December 2015 - The Video EDUCA Tech Lab will introduce two distinct concepts related to interactive videos: best practices and working with available tools. Sónia Hetzner - senior researcher, project manager, social scientist, and pedagogy expert - will demonstrate the added value of the interaction between the two in the learning process. The session, VID20 takes place Thursday, 03 December from 14:15-15:45 and will be repeated on Friday, 04 December. » MORE

Best Recommendation

SPOCS: Specific Private Online Courses

Nick van Dam Ph.D. Amsterdam (NL), December 2015 - Nick van Dam Ph.D. is Global Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey & Company. He is an internationally recognized consultant, author, and speaker, as well as the founder of the eLearning for Kids Foundation and a thought leader on corporate learning and leadership development. At OEB 2015, he will speak on Friday, 04 December in the session "MOOCs at Work" from 12:00 to 13:30. » MORE

Sensibility Is Required

Data security when learning with xAPI

Thomas PilzKühlungsborn, December, 2014 - The company " eG" deals with a variety of eLearning issues, but its focus is on eLearning software that provides data security. With, its own version of the Experience API, the company completes its offerings of "unite" education, making available the most comprehensive and secure eLearning package in Germany. According Thomas Pilz, xAPI software developer, with the right technology, it is possible to collect large amounts of data in eLearning and to use it in a safe, responsible way. » MORE

A Topic for the Future

"Visibility, proximity and intelligence"

Thomas Klose, Creative Director Darmstadt, December 2014 - As soon as a user has to think in dealing with a machine, the people who set up the system haven't done a good job. At least this is the opinion of Thomas Klose, Creative Director and Editorial Director at Camao AG in Darmstadt. The user is the one for whom an interface, as man-machine interfaces are also called, should be the least noticeable. » MORE