Insight on the Move to Mobile Learning

Campbell, CA (USA), April 2017 - Clarity Consultants, a provider of corporate learning and development, and creative consultants, has announced their latest whitepaper, which offers in-depth insights into the challenges of implementing a mobile-learning program in a corporate setting. These challenges include cost barriers for employees who require a mobile device; access to high-quality instructional designers; security issues, e.g. data privacy; as well as what some employees may perceive as infringement on their personal time.


Coursera for Business

Coursera Expands in European Enterprise-Learning Market

Paris (F), March 2017 - Coursera, a global provider of online education and learning, has announced growth of its enterprise platform Coursera for Business with a new set of customers in the European market. New customers include Air France KLM, Criteo, Gemalto,, Unicredit, and Telenor.



Jigsaw Awarded Patent for Visionary eLearning Platform

Josette FleszarAtlanta, GA (USA), March 2017 - Jigsaw, a provider of virtual training and education technology, recently became the first eLearning-software firm to receive a patent for its platform, a game-changing, multi-dimensional learning solution. The patent was especially noteworthy as software patents of any kind are difficult to acquire and only infrequently approved by the U.S. Patent Office. Jigsaw’s proprietary technology proved itself unique not only among virtual-learning tools, but among all software products.



Research to Reveal Impact of BREXIT on HR Operations

Cirencester (UK), March 2017 - Cross-European research into the impact of BREXIT on organisations from an HR perspective has opened. Fosway Group, a European HR analyst, is conducting the research in partnership with HRN, a large international corporate HR network, with the results to be revealed at HR Tech World Congress in London.


To Combat Cyber-Threats

Eukleia Launches "Zero Threat" Training Game

London (UK), February 2017 - Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) training specialists Eukleia and learning-game experts Preloaded have developed a new training game to engage learners in the fight against cyber-attacks. Zero Threat goes beyond raising awareness to focus on achieving real behavioural change - and was developed in response to the rapidly growing problem of cyber-crime.


Open-Source Repository

Machine Learning in Healthcare: Now for Everyone

Salt Lake City, UT (USA), February 2017 - Machine learning is a part of everyday life for most Americans, from navigation apps to Amazon's omniscient purchase recommendations. But in healthcare, the use of machine learning has so far been limited to niche science projects in large and academic health systems - those able to afford the highly skilled data scientists and dedicated teams required to turn their data into meaningful performance improvements. 


Best of the Best

The 21st Annual Learning Awards Winners Announced

London (UK), February 2017 - The learning-and-development community's top organisations and outstanding individuals gathered together in London on 2 February to celebrate the 21st-annual Learning Awards. Devised and hosted exclusively by the Learning & Performance Institute, and headline sponsored by BCS Learning & Development Ltd., the Learning Awards is recognised as the L&D sector's premier awards ceremony.



Ger Driesen Becomes Learning Innovation Leader at aNewSpring

Ger DriesenRotterdam (NL), February 2017 - To provide customers with inspiration on learning, aNewSpring has hired Ger Driesen as Learning Innovation Leader. Training companies are noticing that the expectations of their clients are changing. To meet these changing expectations, Ger will provide inspiration and ideas in the realm of learning. He will provide inspiring content about learning presented as blogs, checklists, and (online) events. Ger will also play an active role in the learning community to help create new breakthroughs and insights.


Learning Heroes

Six eLearning Trends for 2017

London (UK), January 2017 - With skills at the top of the business agenda, employers are continuing to evolve their eLearning strategy and finding ways to achieve better results. Adam Kara of Learning Heroes identifies six key trends we can expect to see in the year ahead.


Gartner Says ...

Smart Machines Will Enter Mainstream Adoption By 2021

Stamford, CT (USA), January 2017 - Smart machines will enter mainstream adoption by 2021, with thirty per cent adoption by large companies, according to Gartner, Inc. Technologies including cognitive computing, artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation, machine learning, and deep learning fall under the umbrella term of "smart machines".


New Idea

Exclusive Premieres of the Upside Learning Solutions Showcase

Pune (IN), January 2017 - Upside Learning has launched a bespoke eLearning Solutions Showcase, curated to depict instructional, technology, and graphic-design possibilities. The Upside Learning Showcase is an opportunity for people in the training industry to view samples of what’s latest in eLearning and discuss possibilities. 


Multimedia Knowledge Cards

Microlearning is the Top HR Trend for 2017

Prof. Dr. Peter A. BruckVienna (A), December 2016 - Knowing, not learning, is the goal. The KnowledgeFox learning solution, developed by an Austrian pioneer in microlearning, focuses on results and makes it easy to get them.



What Will Digital Learning Do Differently in 2017?

Gloucestershire (UK), December 2016 - New research has been initiated to get beyond the hype surrounding the next generation of learning technology and uncover what is working for organisations in practice. The Digital Learning: European Realities research is led by Fosway Group, a European HR and learning analyst and a leading European workplace-learning event, Learning Technologies, accompanied by its supporting community, The Learning and Skills Group.


Future Working Place

Informal Learning in the Age of Digitalization

Dr. Helko LehmannSaarbruecken (GER), Dezember 2016 - In the future, smart devices linked to IT systems - telephones, watches, cars, heating systems, machines, and industrial systems - will continuously produce and exchange a wide range of data related to usage, control, consumption, etc. This "digital transformation" will lead to the continuous adaptation of value chains in all industries to modified data. Companies’ ability to effectively analyze data and flexibly adapt to changing situations will become a decisive competitive factor. Accordingly, requirements for the employees will also be in a permanent state of change.