Trends Identified

Cornerstone Reports Significant Increase in Online Learning

Santa Monica, Ca (USA), April 2020 - Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., a global leader in people development solutions, has announced that the Cornerstone Institute for People Development has identified trends suggesting the demand for online learning has increased exponentially over the past few weeks as individuals and businesses adapt to a new way of working.

With millions transitioning to remote work, and K-12 teachers setting up virtual classrooms for the first time, workers are striving to acquire skills that enable them to be more productive and adaptable while working remotely.

The Cornerstone Institute for People Development revealed that in March 2020, learners spent 27.5 million hours on Cornerstone Learning – six times more than the next largest corporate learning provider – which comes on the heels of Cornerstone being named a top ten most popular app by monthly active users on Microsoft Azure.

Additionally, this recent surge underscores how organizations are also turning to online learning to pivot their businesses by educating and aligning their workforces around new work models, new programs, and new cultural initiatives.

The following insights from the Cornerstone Institute for People Development support the pivot organizations and individuals are making to training and self-development during this pandemic:

  • Nearly half (40%) of Cornerstone Learning clients saw an increase in logins in March compared to February. Moreover, these clients experienced a significant spike in logins, 135% on average.
  • By industry, the insights reveal nearly 60% of healthcare clients and nearly 50% of public administration, education, and non-profit clients reported an uptick in logins. For example, one of the largest school districts in the U.S. saw a 20x increase in logins in March. Furthermore, the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, which provides technology grants to non-profit organizations, experienced a 103% increase in logins and a 75% increase in course registrations across its client base in March.
  • The data also reveals a 50% increase in companies moving their in-person trainings to a virtual online format, with the verticals most affected being healthcare, finance, and education. Shifting to a 100% remote workforce, one of the largest e-retailers in the world is transforming its instructor-led trainings into a combination of online training available on social platforms and in Cornerstone Learning.
  • The renewed focus on online learning can be seen worldwide. Organizations in Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands are seeing major increases in usage, with a near 2x increase in online learning usage from January to March. In South Korea, clients are seeing a 5x increase in online learning usage. In fact, the largest technology manufacturer in South Korea saw a 7x increase in online learning usage during the same time period.