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Best-in-Class Apps

UpsideLMS Expands Its API and Integration library

Pune (IN), August 2018 - From new web conferencing tools to HRISs, CRMs, and beyond, UpsideLMS has added some of the most popular and best-in-class apps, systems, and tools to its API and Integration library to offer a complete learning ecosystem to businesses.


Digital Education

Docebo Partners with Competentum in Russia

Toronto, ON (CA), August 2018 - Docebo, a cloud-based enterprise learning platform, will offer powerful mobile learning experiences to organizations in Russia through their new partnership with Competentum. The partnership will add Docebo's learning platform, complete with a robust learning management system (LMS), social and informal learning modalities, and the ability to track learners’ performance, to Competentum's portfolio.


Corporate Rewards

Incentivised eLearning Can Increase Long-Term Engagement

Warwickshire (UK), July 2018 - A recent report by the firm Corporate Rewards looks at the benefits of incentivised eLearning, which is a form of online learning for businesses, in which staff can receive rewards when they complete different levels of training. Providing eLearning programmes to upskill business employees is one of the areas in which Corporate Rewards specialises.


Mobile First

UpsideLMS Mobile Apps Available on Its Self Set-Up Trial Area

Pune (IN), July 2018 - UpsideLMS is a multi-award-winning, cloud based learning management system. The company has recently released native mobile apps for iOS and Android - along with its existing multi-device responsive support - to provide its users with an enhanced, seamless learning experience. To enable organizations in the process of selecting a mobile-first/ mobile-friendly learning platform to get a real taste of the product and thereby make an informed decision, the LMS has now integrated the mobile app component in its 14-day trial.


Never Give Up

Nimble eLearning - Staying Agile

(c) Nimble

Gloucestershire (UK), July 2018 - Businesses must remain agile if they are to succeed. Steve Jobs defined this concept in his "5 Nevers”": Never give up. Never pretend. Never stand still. Never cling to the past. Never stop dreaming. Nimble follows a similar philosophy, which is reflected in the recent expansion of its teams.


The "Wow Factor"

Why Do We Need to Reimagine Learning Now?

Southampton (UK), July 2018 - The business ecosystem is more volatile than ever, with increased competition, the drive for digital transformation, and an uncertain political environment. It's become even more vital that the learning and development organisation embraces the need for rapid change in terms of attracting, retaining, and developing its talent.


Insightful Professional

Anna Sargsyan Is the New CLO of AllenComm

Salt Lake City, UT (USA), July 2018 - AllenComm is proud to announce the promotion of Anna Sargsyan to the role of Chief Learning Officer. As a leader in custom corporate training solutions, AllenComm sets a high standard for the learning and development industry. 


In India and Southeast Asia

Docebo Partners With Knowzies

Toronto (CA), July 2018 - Docebo, maker of a cloud-based enterprise learning platform that combines formal, social, and informal learning modalities, has announced its latest partnership - with Knowzies Technology Solutions, an India-based company. Knowzies provides solutions that empower enterprise organizations to achieve success in the learning technology space, and in partnership with Docebo, the firm will expand its portfolio to deliver world-class learning experiences to its clients on a global scale.



Learning Light Praises the Agylia LMS

Bristol (UK), July 2018 - The Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) has been acclaimed for its mobile-first approach and great user experience by independent research and eLearning consultants Learning Light.


G-Cloud 10

Totara Partners in the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace

London (UK), July 2018 - The UK’s G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. The platform provides support for small to medium-sized businesses in the bidding process for these services as required by public sector and charity organisations. Any public sector organisation, including central government, local councils, NHS Trusts, and any other public sector bodies, can obtain services via G-Cloud’s procurement framework without going out to tender, helping them save both time and resources by giving them a one-stop shop for recommended vendors.