Craig Weiss

"Growth Engineering Is the #1 Gamification Learning System"

Berkshire (UK), March 2018 - Craig Weiss is a learning-technology analyst known for the eLearning 24/7 blog and his annual Top 50 LMS report. Craig studies all learning systems on the market before releasing his lists. He ranks them all based on a variety of features. Growth Engineering have now made the list four years in a row.  


And the Winner Is ...

Top 100 eLearning Movers and Shakers List

Bob LittleLondon (UK), March 2018 - Now in its ninth year, the latest annual list of the Top 100 most influential people in the world’s corporate eLearning sector has been published. "There are 15 'New Entries' in this year’s List – with the highest of these being at numbers 59 and 75," commented the judges’ chairman, Bob Little. "Interestingly, this year’s List will also show some significant movement in individual placings compared with last year’s List. "


New Range of Reporting

Training Effectiveness and Impact on Job Performance

Dublin (IE), February 2018 - TestReach, a global provider of cutting edge e-assessment solutions has recently announced the launch of an innovative new offering to measure training effectiveness. More specifically, it quantifies the impact that training has made on job performance and in the achievement of key business goals.


Feeling of Mastery

Gamifying the User Experience

Saarbrücken (GER), February 2018 - Adding gamification elements to your digital training won’t just make it more enjoyable for the learner; it also contributes to the successful completion of the eLearning course. In IMC’s latest podcast, expert Sarah Hillmann discusses gamifying the user experience, focussing on what gamification elements are, mastering challenges, and how a trip to Hungary made her realise that gamification in learning has always been part of her life.


New Research

The Route to Business Transformation in 2018

London (UK), February 2018 - Equipping L&D with the tools and strategies to deliver performance, productivity, profit, and transformation, Towards Maturity’s new research with over 700 L&D leaders worldwide will transform the way that L&D adds value to business and how business values learning.



Best Screen Capture Software

Dubai (UAE), January 2018 - Whether for a presentation, writing a cloud storage review, or saving someone’s daft social media post for posterity, the ability to make an image of your screen comes in handy. While computers have a built-in screenshot function, dedicated screen capture software advances this capability considerably.


FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance

Five Predictions for Global Learning and Development in 2018

London (UK), January 2018 - This year, the five annual predictions for the global learning and development sector from Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance follow the general view that technology – in the forms of machine leaning, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR) – will be a dominant force.


Intelligent Learning Environments

The Potential Future of Workplace Learning and Performance

David GuralnickNew York, NY (USA), January 2018 - (By David Guralnick, Ph.D.) Imagine, if you will, that it’s the not-so-distant future.  I’m a new salesperson in a retail store (in this projected future, we still have retail stores and they still have human salespeople). On my first day, I need some training before I’m ready to work with customers.  So I go to the store where I’ve been hired, go into a back office, close the door, and start my simulation training.


Heart of Learning

How to Turn Your Business into a Learning Organization?

Corentin SannieLondon (UK), January 2018 - (By Corentin Sannie, Learning Expert @ 360Learning) A learning organization, a structure capable of naturally integrating and seamlessly sharing knowledge, is an increasingly popular concept in the training world. They are often considered as an unattainable ideal rather than a goal for companies to obtain. However, this is a misconception! Just three steps need to be taken to create a learning organization: decentralizing content creation, focusing on social interactions and continuous evaluation. 



LMS Is Not Dead Again

Craig WeissWindsor (UK), January 2018 - (By Craig Weiss, CEO and Lead Analyst of The Craig Weiss Group) It’s dead.  No, wait, it’s dying.  No, the articles say that it is dead. I’m not referring to your favorite HRIS, rather the LMS. The posts on the net continue to tell me that the LMS and thus its market is dead.  Which is ironic when you consider that more companies are coming into the space, then leaving. That the learning system space now exceeds 1,300 on the global scale. And that most them, the overwhelmingly large chunk are LMSs.


realising the potential

The Truth About Digital Learning

David WilsonCirencester (UK), January 2018 - How does your experience of digital learning compare with others? Which technologies are really working in L&D and which are just hype or wishful thinking? In this age of 'fake news' David Wilson, CEO of Europe’s #1 HR and learning analyst, Fosway Group, explores the truth about digital learning in 2018. 


Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Sharing with Automatic Speech Recognition

San Francisco, CA (USA), November 2017 – SalesHood, a leading sales-enablement platform, has announced the release of Automatic Speech Recognition to revolutionize how companies share knowledge and enable their teams. SalesHood’s Expert System powers the entire lifecycle of sales enablement with artificial intelligence and machine learning from training and onboarding to coaching and content sharing to performance improvement. SalesHood’s Automatic Speech Recognition accelerates learning, coaching, and knowledge sharing by analyzing conversations and experiences to execute sales enablement more efficiently and effectively.


Machine Learning

New Suite Measures and Verifies Skills

Farmington, UT (USA), November 2017 - Pluralsight, an enterprise technology learning platform, has announced a new skills assessment and development suite that replaces traditional methods for assessing and benchmarking technology talent. The new suite, which includes Pluralsight IQ, advanced skills analytics, and advanced channels analytics, is designed to provide technology professionals and leaders with a fast, accurate, and affordable way to measure technology skills. The new suite uses machine learning and modern testing theory to significantly reduce the amount of time and cost usually dedicated to validating technology skills.