New Partner

Fuse Universal Expands into Nordic Market

Mads Willum Høj Jensen and Steve DineenAalborg (DK), November 2016 - Fuse Universal has announced the recent partnership with BLENDIT LEARNING, an expert in the digital-learning industry based in Aalborg, Denmark. 

The partnership offers a perfect blend of the most advanced learning technology in the market with a digital-learning consultancy expert for the Nordic region. This will create a truly innovative learning experience that has proven to increase business performance for any organisation in the world.

Mads Willum Høj Jensen, BLENDIT LEARNING CEO, explained the reasons behind the partnership. "We looked at the market for a platform and a mindset that would match our clients' high ambitions on digital execution, knowledge sharing, and performance support. At the moment, Fuse Universal is really the only vendor that can provide true continuous, social, blended, and mobile learning, and our partnership with Fuse gives us strong confidence that we can help our clients modernise their digital learning."

BLENDIT LEARNING searched the Nordic region for a compelling and innovative solution but found no match for their requirements. Following an international search, BLENDIT LEARNING began conversations with Fuse Universal, a UK-based learning-tech company. This win-win solution supports both traditional learning, whilst enhancing learner engagement that offers clients a unique product and service.

Steve Dineen, CEO at Fuse Universal announced, "We're excited about having a partner who shares our beliefs, philosophies, and passion about learning and learning technology. We’ve found someone who can provide to organisations in the Nordic area, who believes learning can be more than what it is, and who can really be a tool to drive business, individual, and team performance."