Andreas F.J. Obereder

How Workforce Management Improves the Future of Work

Andreas F.J. OberederMunich (GER), June 2022 - This year's annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was one of the most important since its foundation more than 50 years ago. Under the motto "History at the Turning Point", it provided a platform for prominent figures including heads of state, experts and academics, innovators, and the world's foremost CEOs.

In Davos TBD Media asked Andreas F.J. Obereder, CEO and founder of ATOSS Software AG, to explain the strategic role of workforce management in shaping the future of working environments.

At a time of rising international conflicts, worsening climate change, supply chain issues, and the continued economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forum has never been more relevant. The ideas and decisions made in Davos can affect everyone on the planet. TBD Media therefore conducted deep dive investigations into the strategies of organizations from a range of sectors to find out how top managers are responding to the world's biggest issues in the 21st century.

One of the topics discussed was the future of work. ATOSS, one of the leading European providers of workforce management software, was asked to comment on the topic. Andreas F.J. Obereder, CEO and founder of the German based company, explained the role of digital workforce management in shaping the future of working environments. By creating flexibility, workforce management solutions make companies more competitive and help them solve social and economic problems such as demographic change, skills shortage, and extreme fluctuations. At the same time, they enable higher levels of flexibility at work - thereby enhancing productivity, staff motivation, and satisfaction.

As Obereder outlined, "Workforce management is opening the door to a working life that is more creative, more intelligent, and more human. This vision has manifested itself in more than 12,000 organizations worldwide over the past 35 years. With our technology and consulting solutions, we are shaping the working world of the future for the benefit of companies, employees, and society alike."