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CanopyLAB Launches TeacherLAB

Copenhagen (DK), September 2020 - CanopyLAB has launched TeacherLAB, a free interactive learning platform exclusively for teachers by teachers. Through TeacherLAB you will have access to 40+ courses designed to empower you to master new digital tools, online pedagogy, and relationships with students and parents - and offer the support of a global network of teachers.

"COVID-19 has hit us, educators, like a shockwave. All of our routines and social relations have been disrupted overnight. The physical infrastructure we once used to create learning experiences has been closed, and we have been forced to start using a series of new digital tools at an unprecedented pace. The educational model and the way we teach have been transformed more since the onset of 2020 than during the past 100 years combined," says CanopyLAB Co-founder Sahra-Josephine Hjorth.

These sentiments are echoed by CanopyLAB's new Head of Partnerships, Natalia Bernal: "Due to COVID-19, teachers have transitioned to remote teaching very quickly. Most schools closed and sent teachers and students home with a few instructions and perhaps a few ideas on how to manage remote teaching, but not a lot of concrete tools. Having transitioned from being a teacher at an all-girls school in Bogota, Colombia just a few months ago to working on the conceptualization of courses for TeacherLAB, I know first hand how chaotic and scary this period has been. I've personally had to research and start using a lot of new tools for my digital teaching with very little help. Luckily, more and more communities where teachers support teachers are emerging, and TeacherLAB is one of them."

Through TeacherLAB you will have access to a series of ten courses that are differentiated from a basic level to an expert level, which mirrors the level of digital maturity and competencies of the target audience.

The included courses are

  • Introduction to remote teaching
  • Working with new tools
  • Student engagement
  • Analytics, assessment, and grading
  • Digital literacy and future of skills
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Methodology, pedagogy, and skills
  • The future of school and learning
  • Advocacy and Agency
  • Data, security, and basic legal insights

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth commented further, "I think it has been incredible to witness the sense of solidarity we see among educators today, who are sharing class notes and tips on how to use Zoom, creating gifts and infographics, as well as discussing how to deal with virtual classroom etiquette, etc. We are witnessing first hand that educators are perhaps the most adaptable people on the planet. Who would have guessed that?"