Mobile World Congress Shanghai

WakingApp: Virtual Reality Content Software

WakingAppTel Aviv (ISR), July 2016 - WakingApp, the first platform that allows non-developers to easily create interactive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, will be on exhibit at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC Shanghai). The company's attendance comes on the heels of the release earlier this week of their entire software platform – the ENTiTi creator – which features easy-to-navigate Mandarin language, as well as the integration of IoT content.

WakingApp is attending the MWC Shanghai as one of twenty Israeli companies chosen to exhibit in the Israel Pavilion, to be located in Hall N1-E40. Visitors to the WakingApp exhibition will experience VR and AR made with the company's ENTiTi Creator software, available for PC and Mac.

"The ENTiTi Creator software has made it possible for anyone to create VR and AR content – with no coding experience of any kind required," said Alon Melchner, Founder and President of WakingApp. "Still, our vision is to be the universal platform that allows everyone to take part in this revolution in how we as humans interact with our environment. Therefore, we have to accommodate the one billion Chinese speakers to fully achieve our goal. I am excited to go back to China again to enable WakingApp's growth in this important market and appear at the prestigious MWC Shanghai, especially now that our complete software platform is available in easy-to-navigate native Mandarin."

"Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, and we see the Chinese market as our target area for growth over the coming year," said Udi Shani, CEO of WakingApp. "We are seeking to expand usage of the ENTiTi platform among millions of Chinese artists, advertisers, e-commerce businesses, educational organizations, and industries. I am proud that representatives of some of our many local Chinese partners will be with us at the WakingApp exhibit at MWC Shanghai."