Hybrid Pedagogy

The VACCINE Project

Neumarkt an der Ybbs (GER), August 2022 - The VACCINE project is a joint initiative of four EU partners addressing the important issue of online learning during a pandemic or similar major societal shock that changes teaching from traditional methods.

The project’s second intellectual output focuses on the development of a methodology for a readiness scale for hybrid learning. A literature review forms the basis for the development and methodology of hybrid pedagogy.

It is divided into

  • school organizations and managers
  • teachers, trainers, and support staff
  • students

For the school organizations and managers, the topics of support, legal framework, and technical infrastructure are covered in detail.

For the teachers, trainers, and counselors, the topics of pedagogical skills, authentic learning, collaborative learning, flipped classroom, digital skills, multimedia tools, participatory tools, communication tools, digital games, and supporting inclusion are covered.

For students, the topics of learning experience, use of multimedia, participatory tools, communication tools, and digital games are explained in considerable detail.

This project has received funding from the Erasmus Programme.