Call for Proposals

Challenge for Radical Ideas in Higher Education

Bremen (GER), January 2019 - The "Radical Ideas in Higher Education Challenge" posed by the Jacobs University and the Jacobs Foundation in partnership with the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) aims to foster collaboration between cross-disciplinary researchers and seed disruptions in higher education and academic learning.

Strong emphasis is given to an evidence-based application design, which distinguishes this approach from other innovation projects in learning and teaching.  Such translational research may comprise psychological, physiological, pedagogical, or technological interventions before, after, or during an online or offline course.

External scholars will approach Jacobs University faculty, or vice versa, to draft projects

  • within or around the existing curriculum or
  • experimentally launch a new offer to complement the existing courses or even modules.

Later on, an international jury will evaluate all applications and nominate projects for implementation. In the course of the competition, the Jacobs Foundation supports selected projects with a total sum of up to 650,000 euros (750,000 Swiss francs). Each project will be accompanied by a rigorous evaluation. Projects should run for a maximum of two years and start in 2019. In line with the international profile of Jacobs University, we explicitly seek innovations and ideas from all over the world to be tested on the Jacobs University campus.