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Chatbot for Learning to Be Featured at Learning 2018

Saratoga Springs, NY (USA), October 2018 - Learning 2018 is to feature LearnBot, an innovative, interactive chatbot for learning. Learning 2018 will take place at Disney's Coronado Springs in Orlando, 04-07 November.

Elliott Masie has announced LearnBot as the official chatbot and advisor for Learning 2018 participants. LearnBot will debut as the official chatbot at Masie's Learning 2018 conference and is being designed in collaboration with Mobile Coach and MASIE Productions.

LearnBot will be available to users with short bursts, ready to answer a range of serious and funny questions all focused around the idea of making attendees feel more included and informed throughout the conference.

LearnBot will offer conference participants key event details, advice, updates, "hot information", and even random suggestions in real time. It will be ready to answer with interactions, suggestions, and personal/group curation of over 200 sessions. LearnBot will have an attitude, opinions, and even launch some serious and fun challenges for prizes during the conference.

"LearnBot is a developmental innovation that will support the experience of our conference participants. All attendees at Learning 2018 will have LearnBot by their side, ready on their SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, or web browser," said Masie, host and curator of the annual conference.

According to Masie, users will be able to

  • ask for the Learning Experiences that are scheduled at that moment, in real time
  • highlight a key topic that is emerging throughout the event
  • curate content into a shared digital notebook for every session
  • ask for a random session that might really pique their interest
  • get information about the Learning Genius Bar
  • receive immediate suggestions for sessions and activities, including real-time "what's hot" activities based on trends happening at the conference.
  • have 24/7 access for questions about the event, venue, and offerings
  • find secrets, Easter eggs, and many fun surprises!

Learning 2018 is programmed by The Learning CONSORTIUM, a collaborative of 200 global corporations focused on improving workplace learning and training. Hosted and curated by Elliott Masie, Learning 2018 brings together several thousand learning professionals as they focus on the changing nature of workplace education and development. Learning 2018 will feature over 200 Learning Experiences, activities, and sessions.

Keynote speakers include Former First Lady Laura Bush; Leslie Odom, Jr., star of "Hamilton" and author of "Failing Up"; author Dan Pink; VR specialist Vicki Lau; 2018 National Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning; Elliott Masie, and more.