Training Culture

Event of the Professional Development Consortium

PDCLondon (UK), May 2018 - On 14 May, the Professional Development Consortium will host its first event of 2018, themed "Creating a Training Culture". The theme for the May event will be "Creating a Training Culture"; it will look at what makes a positive work environment and learning culture internally. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from accredited members, and this event’s keynote speakers include representatives from Gaucho Restaurants and Rosetta Stone.

Creating a learning culture internally in an organisation can be really difficult. Now more than ever, a huge part of motivating employees is providing opportunities to develop and progress. There is no shortage of studies and articles telling us that millennials work in a different way than previous generations; that they value the opportunity to grow and progress in a job extremely highly, often even more so than salary. Younger generations entering the workforce across sectors are more likely to base their decisions on the training and opportunities available to them when job searching.

Delivering the same constant high quality of customer service also relies on well-trained staff who are enthusiastic about their work. This means that creating a culture of learning internally is key to maintaining flawless customer service externally.

For these reasons, organisations are reviewing and, in many cases, overhauling their internal training offering and structure. However, the investment is wasted if the work environment and internal culture do not evolve with it.