How to 'Level Up' Your Workforce for GDPR with Games

Plymouth (UK), October 2017 - An interactive webinar in October will explain how to use digital games to bring the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to life for employees and motivate them to comply with the new data-protection rules. The webinar, "How to 'level up' your workforce for GDPR with games", takes place 18 October, 15:00-15:30 (GMT+1), and challenges organisations to be creative with their GDPR training.

Presented by award-winning learning provider Sponge UK, the session will explain the benefits of using digital games to engage employees in GDPR and embed good data-protection habits.

Jason Plunkett, Senior Solutions Advisor is hosting the session. "GDPR is a critical issue for organisations, with potentially massive fines and consequences for non-compliance. Given what is at stake with GDPR, organisations must think carefully about how best to engage employees on data protection. For many, this means going beyond their usual approaches to compliance training," explains Jason.

"Scenario-based games enable people to learn the new data rules and how to apply them in a safe environment. Games add interest and fun to the process and create a memorable learning experience. In this webinar, I’ll be guiding people through the theory on using games for data-protection training, sharing insights about how audiences respond to game-based learning and showing how this works in practice with our new digital GDPR game."

Only 28.7% of organisations have allocated budget to provide GDPR-staff-awareness training (IT governance). This is despite the fact that the Information Commissioner’s Office is highlighting employee training as one of the way businesses can ensure and demonstrate GDPR compliance.

The webinar offers organisations the opportunity to evaluate their GDPR training provision and identify how to fill knowledge or awareness gaps using digital games.  

The 30-minute webinar will

  • outline the challenges of preparing employees for GDPR
  • explore GDPR from the learner’s perspective
  • explain the theory behind games as an engagement and training tool
  • showcase a new digital GDPR game created by Sponge UK

Game producer at Sponge Deborah Baird, formerly a lecturer in game design at Plymouth University, will be sharing her insights during the webinar. "Learning games really suit compliance topics like GDPR because they enable people to learn specific rules and behaviours through repetition and mastery while enjoying the experience," said Deborah. "Games make learning sticky and work particularly well for large audiences where awareness rather than depth of learning is the key."

Webinar attendees are encouraged to share their own experience through a series of live polls and a "question-and-answer" session.