Shaping the European Year of Skills on the Ground

Brussels (BE), July 2023 - The first meeting of National Coordinators for the European Year of Skills (EYS) took place on 07 June, bringing together 41 representatives from 33 countries, as well as observers from the European Parliament, ETF, and CEDEFOP.

National Coordinators are the bridge between the EU and national level for the implementation of the EYS and a key to involving everyone in the skills revolution. To do so, National Coordinators inform and connect actors in their countries, exchange valuable experience, and share national activities and priorities. This important role is safe in the hands of the appointed National Coordinators, who bring together the perspectives of Member States, EFTA, candidate, and potential candidate countries. 

As stressed by Ms Manuela Geleng, Director of DG EMPL's Directorate B - Jobs and Skills, and confirmed throughout the meeting, skills are not only important, but essential. There is no better time, but right now, to generate momentum and place skills in the spotlight, and to ensure a long-lasting legacy.

The meeting showed that skills are in the spotlight in the participating countries. The National Coordinators shared exciting and ambitious plans and actions: focusing on implementing EU initiatives (e.g., ILA, Micro-credentials), fostering training and adult learning in line with needs of the labour market, but also on setting up new projects to give visibility to skills and to promote a mindset of up-skilling and re-skilling beyond the EYS.

The National Coordinators will meet regularly throughout the EYS to exchange national plans and ways to connect all actors, joining efforts to make the EYS a real success.

Are you a skills stakeholder? Have you been in touch with your National Coordinator yet? If not, do not hesitate to establish connect.