Former Head of Global Accounts at LinkedIn Joins Filtered

Richard WardLondon (UK), June 2017 - One of LinkedIn’s first hires outside the US, Richard Ward, is now a new addition to the Filtered team, overseeing all sales and marketing activity. 

Starting as a small team five years ago, Filtered has invested in new products and more resources, welcoming fifteen new staff members since January. A focus of 2017 has been showcasing the power of personalized learning. With the launch of globalfilter, their new learning recommendation engine, it is all hands on deck to deliver the most useful, user-friendly product to market.

Filtered’s fifteen new hires include a web developer, project manager, marketing executive, and business-development manager to name a few. Also joining the team is Richard Ward, former head of Global Accounts at LinkedIn.

Richard started his career in marketing and then moved quickly into the ad-agency world, where he worked on across, above, and below-the-line campaigns. From there, Richard became LinkedIn's tenth employee outside of the US, leading a range of roles and projects across sales, marketing, customer success, product launches, and partnerships.

Having been with the company from startup through to IPO, and later experiencing the Microsoft acquisition, Richard now enters his latest challenge with Filtered, overseeing sales and marketing of both content library and globalfilter.

In his spare time, Richard aspires to be a "restrained touch-line dad" at weekend football and has a passion for family and the outdoors.