The Winners

getAbstract International Book Award

Zurich (CH), November 2023 - Launched in 2001, the getAbstract International Book Award is among the world's oldest, continuously presented non-fiction book awards. In alignment with our mission to provide actionable, business-relevant knowledge, the getAbstract International Book Award focuses on works that help people make better decisions in their personal and professional lives - as encapsulated in the slogan, "Know Better. Do Better."

This year’s winners are

  • Business Impact Award

Meredith Broussard: "More than a Glitch"

MIT Press, 2023

You may be tempted to dismiss instances of machine bias as "glitches." However, they're structural and reflective of real-world racism, sexism, and ableism, says data journalism professor Meredith Broussard. Technology should work for everyone - nobody should feel barred from using technology based on their skin color, gender, age, or ability. Broussard presents several case studies of machine bias, detailing the harm it's caused in areas including policing and health care. She urges Big Tech to embrace accountability and work toward the public interest.

  • Business Impact Readers' Choice (41% of Votes)

Lynne Twist: "Living a Committed Life"

Berrett-Koehler, 2022

Following a period of deep unhappiness and self-doubt, Lynne Twist found meaning by committing her life to a purpose larger than herself: ending world hunger. Since then, she's transformed not only her own life, but the lives of countless others. She's also raised hundreds of millions of dollars by creating authentic connections with wealthy donors through her soulful message. Here, she makes a powerful case for fulfilling your potential by living a life of service to others.