At Learning Technologies 2024

From Delivering Content to Business-Focused Performance Outcomes

London (UK), February 2024 - Learning Technologies 2024 looks at the shift in L&D in a session entitled "From Delivering Content to Business-Focused Performance Outcomes" in London this April. Ben Kirby, Global SVP Learning and Development at Teleperformance, and Daniel Redman, Distribution Manager at HSBC, will host this session for L&D practitioners of performance support.

In an era in which digital transformation is paramount, how do we ensure our workforce keeps pace? This session tackles a pressing issue in learning and development (L&D) - technologies that support performance, enhance just-in-time learning and provide practice for further skills development.

There's nothing wrong with training, but equally there's everything to be said for performance support that helps people do their job better in the moment. And sometimes, of course, L&D can produce systems that deliver both just-in-case learning and just-in-time support.

Learning Technologies Conference Chair, Donald H Taylor, said, "This interactive discussion will illuminate how technologies and tools, some of them AI driven, can boost performance with support in the flow of work or by providing extensive practice before going to work. Simulators that let employees practice real-world interactions, either verbally or through chat, enhances the quality of interactions and boosts learner confidence."

Talking points/takeaways

  • How performance support adds to learning in the flow of work
  • Merging theory and practice in workforce training
  • Elevating conversation quality via AI simulators
  • AI as a tool for continuous employee coaching
  • Creating demonstrable improvements in workforce performance

From Delivering Content to Business-Focused Performance Outcomes takes place on day one, 17 April, at 15:50.