AI in L&D - Embrace or Brace Yourself?

Cambridge (UK), February 2024 - Analysts forecast 2024 as the year generative artificial intelligence (AI) makes a measurable impact in organisations, but where are the practical and responsible people-centred applications of AI in real-world learning and development? An upcoming webinar will explore how making smart use of AI can help provide colleagues with customised learning plans, personalised coaching, and just-in-time micro content.

We're already working on innovations for L&D professionals in the healthcare, legal, and other sectors using AI tools in platforms to streamline admin tasks and reporting. And there are clear benefits, including stretching valuable resources to efficiently provide feedback and assessment.

However, AI needs to be used judiciously. It's a tool, and not a perfect one. Used well, it can provide insights to inform conversations for human-led coaching. But understanding how to use this information with appropriate scrutiny while bringing our human expertise and empathy is key. So how do we do this well?

We'll be exploring these topics in a free upcoming webinar.

Join Acteon's Matthew Borg as he leads discussion on

  • the tangible ways AI is enabling L&D professionals
  • how AI is supporting colleagues with custom learning plans, tailored content, and personalised coaching, and
  • the evolving landscape of AI in learning and development, exploring the potential for continued innovation.

Join the webinar 28 February, 10:00 GMT.