Christian Stracke

Expert at "Leaders and Legends of Online Learning"

Christian StrackeBonn (GER), February 2024 - Educational scientist and researcher Dr. Christian M. Stracke has been granted a special honour: He has been selected as the 90th expert for the Leaders and Legends of Online Learning. What is unique about this is that the selection is only made by the other experts and colleagues worldwide. Marc Nichols started this project at the Open University of UK back in 2018 and has always recorded a podcast with all the selected experts. In his questions, he is particularly interested in the personal long-term perspective.

In over 30 minutes, Stracke describes his eventful career, international achievements, and dedication to open and free education to strengthen societies and the common good worldwide. After starting his career with eLearning producers; HR consulting companies; and as co-founder of the German eLearning Association for Professional Providers (D-ELAN e.V.); he switched to scientific research.
In his countless international activities and projects, he has been active on all five continents and worked primarily at universities in Europe and Asia. During his doctorate in economics and computer science, he remained true to his main topic, which he has continuously pursued for over 25 years: the quality and innovation of digital and open teaching and learning opportunities. Finally, he was appointed ICDE Chair and Associate Professor at the Open University of the Netherlands, and he still holds professorships at the Korean National Open University in Seoul and at the East China Normal University in Shanghai.

Stracke is currently setting up a research lab at the University of Bonn's Scientific IT and Data Centre that specializes in open education and artificial intelligence (AI). He analyses and evaluates the benefits of their application and combination in practice for the quality and innovation of school education, academic teaching, and, above all, for the common good and society as a whole.

Most recently, he was appointed by the Council of Europe as a member of the European AI&ED Expert Group, which is developing an EU law specifically on the use of AI in education to complement the AI Act.