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ELearning Capsule in Kenya

London (UK), June 2018 - Learn Appeal, an eLearning charity, has announced the pilot of its revolutionary offline eLearning initiative in rural Kenya. The launch of the Learn Appeal Capsule in Nyamira, Kenya last month underscores the charity's mission to build skills and empower disconnected local communities that either do not have access to the internet or lack the required purchasing power – common challenges in Kenya and around the world.


Learn Appeal is one of the only organisations in the world that has developed a solution to tackle offline learning. The Learn Appeal Capsule, co-developed with Appitierre, is a Raspberry Pi computer that acts as a stand-alone server and stores eLearning content on an SD card that can be accessed offline through any wifi-responsive device. Learn Appeal has partnered with a registered charity in Kenya, Complitkenya, to provide eLearning to the local community in Nyamira County completely free of charge.

Besides providing Capsules to two of Complitkenya’s eCommunity Centres, Learn Appeal has also donated a total of 24 low-cost tablets for members of the community. These wifi-enabled devices provide access to the many disadvantaged who do not have their own smartphones, tablets, or PCs. 

Eric Kimori, CEO of Complitkenya, is full of praise for the "magic" Learn Appeal Capsule. "I thought I was online when I logged onto the Capsule’s eLearning content because I have never encountered such an interactive platform offline. Whilst watching a first aid-course video, my conscience screamed at me to check my data balance! But this is now a reality – access to content that is interactive, real-time, offline, and free."

Masaine Leshaiyan, Assistant County Commissioner for Esise in Nyamira County, who presided over the launch commented, "The government of Kenya welcomes this initiative, which aims to empower the local community through skills development, and we will jealously guard your efforts."

Learn Appeal Founder, Jonathan Satchell, said, "I am absolutely delighted that the capsules have been so well received in Nyamira. It's wonderful to be partnering with Complitkenya to help establish world-class eCommunity Centres for marginalised rural communities in Kenya. The eLearning industry is supporting Learn Appeal so that we can bring learning to disadvantaged communities, and we are now succeeding in this endeavour. I am so excited to see the impact this will now have in Kenya – and beyond."

Learn Appeal is also supporting eLearning projects in the UK, Malawi, and South Africa, as well as working with the equine charity Brooke.