Learn STEM

Online Course on Innovative School Education

Herleen (NL), March 2020 - The online course "Learn STEM: Innovative pedagogy for STEM education" is available now. The European initiative "Learn STEM" invites all school teachers, headmasters, and researchers to join and register for free. During a period of four weeks, all participants can explore and discuss how to improve school education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

In the first week, the Learn STEM online course will introduce and explain innovative STEM learning through the example of the Learn STEM Pedagogical Model. Weeks two and three focus on learner- and teacher-centred STEM education and related methodologies, instruments, and practical tips. Finally, week four will offer STEM assessment tools to support teachers as well as learners in measuring their progress. The introductory weeks for getting together and gaining familiarity with the online environment opened on 01 March 2020.

The main goal of Learn STEM is to facilitate and support better STEM learning in secondary schools. Under coordinator Dr. Christian M. Stracke of the Open University of the Netherlands, Learn STEM brings together nine partners from six European countries. The collaboration examines innovative STEM education, and the partners have developed the Learn STEM Pedagogical Model, the Inquiry learning package, and a teacher training programme. In addition, Learn STEM aims at increasing pupils' interest in STEM and building STEM competences. To achieve this, Learn STEM designs and provides practical instruments and online tools for secondary schools to explore and help answer real life questions.

All these contents and results are integrated in the open online learning environment and offered as a free online course for professional development and practice exchanges by teachers and headmasters. Learn STEM partners have developed them based on mixed methods research combining literature reviews, workshops, online surveys, and interviews with teachers and headmasters from leading schools in innovative STEM education throughout Europe.