Tools for a Learning Journey

Guroo Producer's Learning Canvas Is Now Freely Available

Guroo CEO Josh HumphriesSurry Hills (AU), July 2022 - The Learning Canvas is designed to give organisations the tools they need to craft a learning journey that will engage their learners and deliver results. One of the most essential steps in creating effective learning is developing a plan: understanding the needs and goals not just of your organisation, but of your learners and stakeholders, and building a learning plan that meets those needs. Guroo CEO Josh Humphries wants to make it as simple as possible for organisations everywhere to build the plan that's right for them.


White Paper

How to Create a Learning Programme for EDI

London (UK), January 2022 - EDI has become a top priority for all organisations and especially charities. A new white paper, published by the Charity Learning Consortium, explains how to create an effective learning programme in equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).