Video Interview

Karl Kapp Launches Season Two of Growth Engineering's GE TV

Windsor (UK), June 2016 - Growth Engineering has published a video interview with Professor Karl Kapp in which he talks about why gamification and learning games work, and how to deploy them effectively.

Karl Kapp is a professor and director at Blooomsburg University's Institute for Interactive Technologies. He is also a renowned gamification expert, consultant, and author of multiple books.

He was interviewed by Juliette Denny, Managing Director of Growth Engineering. The interview marks the launch of the second season of GE TV. This is a series of interviews with industry experts, uncovering the best ways to engage learners with their training.

Topics covered in the interview with Karl Kapp include

  • why learning games aren't just a waste of time
  • why gamification and game-based learning work
  • how to deploy gamification and learning games effectively
  • Karl's three core elements for driving learning with gamification+
  • how gamification can personalise the learner experience.

Juliette Denny said, "It was such a thrill to speak with Karl! His insight into games and gamification is without equal, so every time we speak to him, we can be sure we're going to learn a lot."