The 2023 IELA Winners in the Academic Division

New York , NY (USA) / Madrid ( E), October 2023 - The International E-Learning Awards recognize the best uses of technology to improve learning and job performance within companies or through individual professional development. Please join us in congratulating the deserving winners of the 2023 International E-Learning Awards in the Academic Division who were honored at ICL2023, the International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning, in Madrid, Spain.


E-Learning Experience

Targeted Violence -- Recognize the Warning Signs, United Educators, United States Representative - Ludwig Weber


E-Learning Experience

OPENPediatrics Virtual Ventilator Simulator, OPENPediatrics/Boston Children's Hospital, United States

Representative - Gretchen Pereira


  • E-Learning Experience

Brain Sensei's PMP® Exam Prep Course (Self-Paced), Brain Sensei, Canada

Representative - Chris Stafford

  • E-Learning Experience

Go Digital Training Collection, The Ohio State University, College of Education and Human Ecology, Center on Education and Training for Employment, USA

Representative - Alicia Willis.

  • E-Learning Experience

Remote Engineering Labs for Learning Computer Systems - A Hybrid Learning Model for the Post-Pandemic Era, Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia

Representative - Narayanan Ramakrishnan

  • E-Learning Experience

STEMadrid - Ecosistema de Aprendizaje Ilimitado, ODILO, Spain

Representative: Carla Regany Ramon.

  • Blended Learning Experience

Upskilling Teaching Competences in Latin America - The International Engineering Educator Certification Program, InnovaHiEd Academy, Spain

Representatives - Eduardo Vendrell Vidal, Uriel Cukierman, Juan Palmieri

  • Learning Delivery Platform

JA Inspire, Junior Achievement USA

Representative - Lisa Connor

  • Learning Delivery Platform

SILK MS - SCube Intelligent Learning Knowledge Management, SCube for Education Technology LLC, Egypt

Representative - Shehab Gamalel-Din.

Submissions for the 2024 IELA Awards, Academic Division will open in March 2024.