Next-Generation Learning


BauhausAalborg (DK), April 2017 - BLENDIT LEARNING, the Nordic provider of Fuse Universal, has announced that the hardware retailer BAUHAUS chain in Denmark, Norway, and Iceland has selected Fuse as its next-generation provider for learning for the region’s 2,100 employees.

Excellent customer service together with competitive pricing of high-quality products is at the core of BAUHAUS’ business. This requires high-level competencies and knowledge among the people who work in BAUHAUS. In order to deliver outstanding service and advice to clients, BAUHAUS is now investing in providing its employees with the best possible learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities in the market.

"Our primary job is to support BAUHAUS towards continuous growth, development, and profitability. Therefore, we need to provide exactly the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. Our other primary job is to make BAUHAUS a workplace that engages, develops, and appreciates our employees", explained John Møll, HR Development Manager at BAUHAUS.

Møll added that BAUHAUS chose BLENDIT LEARNING as a partner for three main reasons:

  • They helped develop a new learning strategy, with a core focus on knowledge sharing and video-based, bite-sized micro-learning that is searchable and therefore works as performance support throughout the entire organisation.
  • They deliver the next-generation learning platform from FUSE.
  • They understood BAUHAUS’s challenges and vision, and they clearly had a core focus on helping the company execute on its business objectives by helping empower and engage employees.

Peter Simonsen, Learning Director at BLENDIT LEARNING, explains, "We are changing the way knowledge is shared and created in the entire organisation. We are empowering BAUHAUS’s own experts, and we are giving all employees the opportunity to comment on content, share content, and even create content. This will truly engage employees in working towards the common goals, and this is what we will measure our success against."

Mads Høj Jensen, CEO at BLENDIT LEARNING, said, "We are very proud to be working with BAUHAUS Nordic and to be helping them align their learning and knowledge sharing activities with their strategic objectives."