Accredited Skills

Collaborating to Save Charities from Boring eLearning

London (UK), March 2016 - The Charity Learning Consortium has partnered with Accredited Skills to offer its members access to an inspirational new range of learning resources. Accredited Skills’ unique approach has created an engaging library of online resources, using a multimedia mix that includes videos, offline workbooks, infographics, and eye-catching artwork. These include marketing help for learning professionals, along with images to support the in-house creation of course materials.

Members of the Charity Learning Consortium, a group of more than 120 charities, housing associations, and not for profits collaborating to make learning technologies both affordable and effective, will now be able to subscribe to the Accredited Skills collection. It’s a valuable addition to the online resources members can already select via the Consortium to offer to their 500,000+ staff and volunteers.

To date, the Accredited Skills library includes more than 500 resources, with new courses added every week based on customer requests. Topics include personal development, health and safety, sales, customer services, HR, finance, project management, and IT skills.

Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium and a well-known advocate of collaboration, said, “I’ve worked in learning technologies for more than twenty years, and it’s just so refreshing to find a company that has dared to be different. Accredited Skills has started from scratch and torn up the old eLearning ‘rule book’, but with a really clear vision: that eLearning has to be engaging in order to have any effect. I’m looking forward to a really fruitful partnership, which I hope will have far-reaching benefits for the half a million third-sector staff and volunteers that our members support.”

Adam Kara, Managing Director of Accredited Skills said, “We admire charities for the hard work they do, and since our inception, we have had a desire to work with them. We’ve always believed that our online learning could help charities, but as a start-up, we have struggled to reach the sector on our own. That’s why we’re delighted to be working with the Charity Learning Consortium to be able to make our resources available to a much bigger network and ultimately help charities deliver the vital services they provide.”