Interactive Course

EEMUA Launches eLearning on Mechanical Integrity

London (UK), January 2019 - The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) has expanded its "for the industry, by the industry" eLearning offering with the launch of a new course aimed at helping organisations maintain the mechanical integrity of plant containing hazardous substances by using periodic examination and testing.

Based on key elements of EEMUA 231, the online training covers activities such as good practice, including preparation of a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE); decision making on the type and frequency of inspections; making organisational arrangements for successful inspections; responding to inspection findings; record keeping; and planning for continuous improvement.

Any organisation that has hazardous installations, together with interested stakeholders who use such plant, including operators, inspection bodies (including "competent persons"), and providers of specialist services to the process industries, should find this eLearning course of interest.

This interactive course is positioned at the awareness/introductory level and should take no more than sixty minutes to complete. Professionals can access the eLearning through the EEMUA e-shop and take the online test to achieve awareness-level certification.

The module content is also relevant to users who draw on other EEMUA guides such as EEMUA 232, Specifying, procuring and managing third party inspection services; EEMUA 159, Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance, and repair; and EEMUA 183, Prevention of tank bottom leakage.