Skills-Based Learning

Filtered Launches the First Smart LXP

London (UK), November 2020 - Filtered, a UK-based edtech AI pioneer, has released a learning experience platform that combines its well-known content intelligence and recommendations with more traditional LXP features. The platform will help corporates solve content overload and align skills-based learning with organisational objectives.

Since the 2017 launch of magpie, Filtered has, like most companies, shied away from the LXP moniker, distancing itself from the "successor to the LMS". The LXP category, though, has developed beyond an LMS with a pretty face. As the market evolves and organisations are overwhelmed with content, more and more companies want an LXP that combats content overload. Filtered has answered the call.

Filtered's new smart LXP brings together the best of both worlds. The platform is built with the features you'd expect in top-of-the-range LXPs: super-search, structured pathways, user generated content, and social features, and every stage is infused with Filtered Content Intelligence, powered by the magpie engine.

The fundamental problem with LXPs is that they become overloaded with mediocre content that makes the high performance content hard to find. The smart LXP comes with its own solution built in.

Filtered Content Intelligence automatically filters content until only the most useful assets and libraries for an organisation's skills frameworks remain, removing the need for manual curation. The platform then personalises delivery for all learners based on each individual’s algorithmically generated skills signature.

However, the "intelligence" goes beyond the content itself. With the most complete MS Teams integration available, Filtered runs smart, personalised campaigns that range from learners' instant messaging to inbox and guarantee sustained engagement. AI-enhanced learning pathways are also featured.

In the blog post accompanying the launch, Marc Zao-Sanders, Filtered's CEO, and Toby Harris, Filtered's Director of Product Marketing provided more detail. "Filtered LXP is the only enterprise learning system that is able to help you understand what really matters; analyse all of your content on that basis; and, as a result, actually enable the kind of open, fair access to transformative experiences we all want to provide. We are serious when we say there is no future for this category if it isn't intelligently filtered, if it doesn't deliver the smartness it promised at the outset."