Market Presence

IMC Opens Subsidiary in Singapore

Saarbruecken (GER), September 2016 - Earlier this month, IMC opened a new subsidiary in Singapore. The Saarbrucken, Germany-based full-service digital-learning provider’s expansion in Asia aims to foster a closer co-operation with its existing customers doing business there, as well as to build new business relations with customers in a region that remains resilient and continues to be the engine of the global economy.

"The activities of the company’s local presence in Singapore will be closely aligned to the country’s transformation into a digital economy and to connecting businesses to regional and global markets. IMC seeks to play a key role in helping people and companies up-skill for the digital economy and to empower lifelong learning through the purposeful use of technology", says Lawrence Loh, Country Manager, IMC Singapore.

The key elements of the national initiative center on fostering and embracing innovation, investment in digital technologies and connectivity, and most importantly, investments in knowledge-based human capital through the mastery of skills and lifelong learning.

"I am pleased to add that IMC, with the existing intelligence contained in our products, in particular the learning-management system IMC Learning Suite, can contribute to helping learners and employees achieve a higher return on their skills acquisition, and employers realize increased business productivity and a faster time-to-scale. I will be delighted to share this valuable knowledge with our current and future partners", says Loh.