Performance Management

Kallidus Launches Cloud-Based Solution

Cirencester (UK), October 2016 - Kallidus Perform, a modern and simple-to-use cloud-based solution, has been designed to make performance management easier and more effective. Kallidus Perform enables regular check-ins between managers and team members, anytime, anywhere, using any device, reducing the burden of annual reviews and improving relationships between managers and employees. It does this by shifting the focus to open conversations about the future rather than reflecting on the past.

Kallidus Perform also helps boost engagement and productivity by ensuring that employees know what they need to do in order to deliver against organisational goals and by giving managers the power to track progress continuously using the quick-view dashboard.

A recent study by Kallidus reveals that 78% of workers think performance management could be improved in their organisation, and 69% think it needs a more modern approach. Some 58% of respondents also said that their organisation does not currently use an online tool for performance reviews. The new solution from Kallidus will support organisations looking to embrace a more continuous approach to performance management.

Said Rob Caul, CEO of Kallidus, "Kallidus Perform takes away the pain of annual reviews, as it lets managers and team members check in, comment, and track progress throughout the year. Ultimately, it means that the time managers have historically spent on form-filling activities can be invested in far more regular meaningful conversations, boosting engagement and productivity."

Key features of Kallidus Perform also include

  • bespoke review templates that empower organisations to create reviews to suit their specific needs, not the industry expected ones
  • email notifications from managers to team members to ensure everybody knows about any changes, comments, or updates
  • an engagement dashboard that lets managers quickly glance at the status of the most important performance metrics before drilling down to discover the detail behind these
  • a holistic view across the organisation that enables administrators to track overall progress and pick out areas that need praise or rapid action.

Philip Pyle, Sales and Marketing Director at Kallidus, added, "We wanted to empower busy managers looking after increasingly virtual and global teams with an easy-to-use application that doesn't feel like a work system at all. From working in the office to checking team progress on their phone from a coffee shop or adding comments using a tablet from the comfort of their sofa at home, Kallidus Perform lets managers work the way they want."

Available immediately, Kallidus Perform enables Kallidus to meet the growing needs of organisations looking to implement a full suite of cloud-based human-capital management (HCM) software. Kallidus Perform enhances the company's suite of SaaS learning, recruitment, 360°, and talent-management technologies and bespoke and curated eLearning content used by a diverse range of private and public-sector organisations.