Managing Production

Launch of CBTL SATELLITE in the UK

London (UK), February 2019 - Launching in the UK at Learning Technologies 2019, CBTL SATELLITE from CBTL GmbH brings together a range of established solutions and innovations into a single web based platform for creating learning content across global markets.

UK companies with worldwide ambitions of providing online and LMS based training to support their brands, products, and services might want to look at CBTL’s SATELLITE solution and services for the efficient management of production and localisation of learning content.

The new SATELLITE solution allows organisations to have many people and external agencies in different "satellite" roles, collaborating and contributing to the creation, localisation, and reuse of quality assured, knowledge based content. It incorporates two well established CBTL interfaces for learning content development and creation – EVOLUTION3 and FAST-TRAIN.

The requirement to be able to rapidly produce multiple courses in multiple languages for multiple markets is one that is often overlooked when it comes to content authoring. Courses frequently need to be individually localised later to meet different market, cultural, and regulatory requirements using prescribed assets and technical knowledge from across the world. Combine this with tight production windows and the need to maintain a single source of content that is linked and maintained across many multilingual courses and soon content production becomes a difficult and costly process. It is solutions for these processes that CBTL specialise in.

CBTL is inviting people to visit them at the Learning Technologies 2019 show to find out more about SATELLITE. This can be done either by attending their seminar on Wednesday morning, “Solutions for 10 problems you didn’t know you had”, or visiting them at stand N30 to get a demonstration of the SATELLITE system. There will also be a presentation of the latest developments of the integration of 3D Models and 360 Panorama images into standard exercise types.