Reengage the Learner

Logicearth Accelerates Digital Learning with Percipio

Belfast (NI), February 2018 - Logicearth, a leader in high impact digital learning solutions, has added the new intelligent digital learning platform, Percipio by Skillsoft, to its portfolio of products and services.

Percipio has been created as the answer to an increasing gap between the expectations of the modern learner and the support that organisations provide for learning and development. These issues directly lead to key skills shortages that are becoming a major challenge for CEOs as shown in the PwC 21st  CEO Survey, which  identified 38% as worried about the availability of key skills. 

Logicearth are championing a digital revolution to reengage the modern learner with products and services that meet their needs in a multilayered work environment head on. In Towards Maturity’s, "Modern Learning Content for Modern Workers", 77% of learners stated they want to be treated like consumers and receive content that is relevant and timely to their life/work situation. Percipio is the first product to put the modern learner first and deliver. 

Percipio is a set-up-and-go, Netflix-style learning solution that adapts to the individual learning and development needs of staff. With more than 50,000 pieces of multimode content mapped to the competencies that successful organisations value, there is a learning path for every job role you can think of. 

Peter Carlin, Co-founder of Logicearth Learning Services said, "Learners have the expectation of a modern, adaptive, consumer experience. So much of our current workplace learning solutions fall drastically short of this mark. And our staff are voting with their feet; they are more likely to be attracted to organisations that provide modern and engaging learning-and-development opportunities. Percipio is the first of this kind of tool: it has been designed from the ground up to address employee engagement and skill shortages". 

The digital learning revolution is being embraced by the most successful organisations world. Logicearth’s expertise in consumer-led digital learning solutions has been developed over many years working with blue-chip brands across the globe, including Bank of New York Mellon, Mastercard, Allianz Global Investors, Allstate, ICON plc, Capita, Vodafone, eir, Pramerica, IDE Group, FEXCO, and Analog Devices among others.