By Specialists

MicroLearn Launches New Change Management Range

Southampton (UK), July 2017 - MicroLearn has launched its new Change Management Range, with the courses available either as a single range or as part of the company’s full off-the-shelf catalogue.

"Change is an important part of an organisation's success, but can be an overwhelming process," said Alison Soper, MicroLearn's Creative Director. "That's why we created the Change Management range, as the courses are designed to help employees recognise the need for change and adapt to new situations."

The range includes courses entitled Making the Change, Experiencing Change, Seeing Change Through, Thriving in Change, The Need for Strategy, and Challenging the Status Quo.

All content is created by in-house specialists who research and write the initial scripts, create the whiteboard explainer videos, and design the courses.

As with all MicroLearn content, all the courses come in the module format. This features the video, extended learning, and a quiz to check understanding, and takes no more than fifteen minutes to complete.

Alternatively, clients can opt for the VideoPlus (the video and the quiz) or simply the Video format. Each course comes with extra resources that contribute to an effective, blended-learning solution.

Change Management is the first of three new course ranges that MicroLearn plan to launch over the next few months. Content is currently being developed for a Workplace Wellbeing and an Interview Techniques range.