TÜV SÜD Academy

Modern Learning in the Age of Digitalization

Thomas SeidelMunich (GER), December 2017 - The TÜV SÜD Academy’s "Digital Transformation" project was launched about a year ago. Its task is transforming about 10,000 face-to-face seminars with 120,000 participants annually into digital and partially digital format and enriching them with digital materials. “We are tackling the topic of digitalization systematically and holistically, i.e. it affects all of the Academy’s organizational units," explains Thomas Seidel, Chief Digital Officer at TÜV SÜD Academy, Munich. 

Forty-four colleagues, about ten percent of the workforce, are involved in the project. The employees’ current digital competences are mined and, as experts in their fields, they bring them on board. Developing know-how and new digital processes are important components of the process.

According to Seidel, "One of the biggest challenges has proven to be the heterogeneity of our clients, the participants in events, and of our colleagues at the TÜV SÜD Academy." He goes on to single out two work packages in the context of digital transformation that have been successful: the "culture of curiosity" and digital documents for participants.

The term "culture of curiosity" denotes a modern learning culture that is both agile and innovative. "CuriosityTime" is an activity in which the latest in the digital world is presented. It is complemented by the "CuriosityNetwork", a social media network through which colleagues exchange news and ideas, but where editors also post knowledge bits, e.g. about VR or AI. The result is both know-how enhancement and cultural change.

"In regard to the digital participant documents, we have made them course components that can be used interactively or not, depending on individual’s media affinity. An important premise was not to publish them only in pdf format, but to open opportunities for participants to use them in a way that resembles the use of printed materials," explains Seidel.

In order to make this possible, TÜV SÜD Academy is currently developing a player that allows learners to work intensively and personally with the documents.

By the end of 2018, digital documents are going to be available for the top 50 programs in the Academy’s seminar selection.


On 30 January 2018 at 11.30 Thomas Seidel will deliver a keynote speech (in German) at the LEARNTEC Convention entitled "Systematic Digital Transformation" in Conference Room 4.