Growth Engineering

New Bubble Blaster Learning Game

Windsor (UK), May 2016 - Growth Engineering, a multi-award winning learning-technologies company, has launched its brand-new learning game, Bubble Blaster. The game is available as a template on Genie, Growth Engineering’s game-based content authoring tool. 

Genie is designed to make the creation of learning games quick and simple. Content creators upload their assets and then slot them into one of many game templates to transform them into game-based learning.

In the Bubble Blaster game, learners must shoot different-coloured bubbles onto the board. If they’re able to make a chain of three or more, those bubbles will pop, and any bubbles they’re supporting will fall.

A number of bubbles will have a symbol on them, showing that they have slides of learning content locked inside them. When they pop or fall, the learner will be presented with that content and will need to complete it to continue playing.

Along the way, learners earn points and power-ups to help them complete the content, such as a 50/50 to remove some incorrect answers to a question.

The aim of the game is to clear the board and complete all of the content, earning the highest possible score in the process.

Juliette Denny, Managing Director of Growth Engineering, said, “I’ve already sunk more hours than I can count into this game!

"Bite-sized games like this are the perfect way to wrap up your training content, to make it more engaging, and to allow your learners to retain the information more effectively. Keep an eye out for many more of these games in the coming months!"