Numerous New Resources

New eLearning for Modern Learners

Martin Baker
(c) Charity Learning Consortium

London (UK), September 2018 - Since April 2018, the Charity Learning Consortium has added a wide range of new courses and modules to its eLearning library to reflect the realities of the modern workplace. The new online courses and resources added to the Consortium's catalogue offer an even greater choice of eLearning. The materials were created by MicroLearn and Litmos Heroes and reflect changing demands.

Eight new suites of courses include interview techniques, literacy skills, understanding budget and finance, workplace wellbeing, and change management. The new suites include explainer videos, professional audio, video subtitles, and separate quiz assessments.

A further sixty new modules have also been added to bring existing content up to date. These include modules in competition law, unconscious bias, planning and monitoring team performance, motivation and effective feedback, communicating with emotional intelligence, and presenting data.

The new workplace wellbeing course, produced by MicroLearn in partnership with resilience  and behavioural agility specialist Liggy Webb, has been particularly popular with members of the Consortium.

New courses and resources are added to the Consortium's library every quarter, often fulfilling specific requests from members.

Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium, said, "These new courses and resources, such as the module on resilience, reflect the ever-changing demands of the modern workforce. Through concerted efforts with our members and content producers like MicroLearn, we ensure that we meet the specific needs of the charity sector. Fulfilling the demands of learners and charities in this way is just one of the many benefits of our collaborative approach."

Ali Soper, Creative Director and Cofounder of MicroLearn added, "We love working closely with Liggy Webb, collaborating to create insightful wellbeing and behavioural skills content for learners. Our Workplace Wellbeing range is fast becoming one of our largest and most popular suites, covering an expanding range of really relevant and accessible subjects."