Omniplex Learning

Portfolio Expansion with Accredited Diploma in Instructional Design

St Albens (CA), December 2023 - Omniplex Learning, a leader in professional training and development, is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Diploma in Instructional Design.

Accredited by the prestigious Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL), the Diploma in Instructional Design offers a holistic and in-depth programme that equips learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving field of Instructional Design. The diploma is designed to empower professionals to create engaging and impactful learning experiences, thus enhancing the effectiveness of learning programmes across various industries.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Diploma in Instructional Design as the latest addition to our training offerings," stated Leena Randhawa, Head of Learning Solutions at Omniplex Learning. "As we unveil our accredited Diploma in Instructional Design, the excitement is palpable. This project is not just about education; it's a testament to our dedication to transforming the landscape of L&D. I am genuinely thrilled to lead this initiative, confident that it will empower learners, elevate industry standards, and mark a significant milestone in the world of education."

The Diploma in Instructional Design is meticulously crafted to cover a range of crucial topics and competencies essential for L&D professionals. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in areas such as Instructional Design frameworks and tools, learning needs analysis, learning psychology, learning personas, and stakeholder management techniques. The programme incorporates real-world case studies, practical assignments, and interactive learning experiences, ensuring learners can immediately apply their acquired skills in their work environments.

What sets the Diploma in Instructional Design apart is its accreditation by ITOL, a globally recognised professional body in the training and development industry. This accreditation not only signifies the rigorous standards upheld by Omniplex Learning, but also ensures the diploma aligns with best practices and industry benchmarks. Upon completion, learners will receive a prestigious certification recognised by employers and peers alike, opening doors to new career opportunities.

"At Omniplex Learning, we understand the importance of professional credentials in today's competitive job market," added Leena Randhawa. "Through our partnership with ITOL, we aim to provide learners with the confidence and recognition they deserve as certified Instructional Design professionals. The Diploma in Instructional Design offers a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise and seize career advancements."

As organisations increasingly recognise the value of quality learning experiences, the demand for skilled instructional designers continues to grow. The Diploma in Instructional Design equips professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to meet these demands head on, ultimately driving organisational success through effective learning initiatives.

Randhawa added, "We take the role of being 'The Trainers to the Trainers' very seriously. It's crucial for us to inspire every learner attending this course to create memorable, engaging learning experiences for their learners, ultimately contributing to improved business performance."