Expansion Plan

ProBility Completes Acquisition of Cranbury International

Houston, TX (USA), August 7, 2017 - ProBility Media Corp., an ed-tech company building the first full-service training and career-advancement brand for the skilled trades, has announced its purchase of the Montpelier, Vermont firm Cranbury International, an exporter of educational and training to international markets.

Cranbury International, established in 2010, sells training and educational materials to governmental institutions and private-sector markets in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Trinidad, and other locations. The Company markets and represents approximately forty major publishers in international markets.

"We are very excited to close on this transaction and to have access to all the positive opportunities and synergies that Cranbury brings to our organization," stated Evan Levine, Chairman and CEO of ProBility. "Not only did we acquire an established business that expands our product offerings, customer base, and international footprint, but we now have a tremendous opportunity to introduce Cranbury's clientele to the eLearning and virtual-reality training products that ProBility is becoming known for."

Noah Davis, President and COO of ProBility, said, "This acquisition is a major step in our geographic expansion plan. Once again we have found a great suite of products with an attractive customer base, which enhances our model. ProBility will continue to provide the same standards of quality that Cranbury delivered to its clients, while simultaneously introducing virtual reality and digital animation products that we believe will be adopted more and more going forward. This acquisition is truly a marriage of traditional learning with ed-tech and is another exciting milestone for ProBility and its shareholders."