True to Life

Simulation-Based Training by Virtual College and Day One

Ilkley (UK), January 2018 – Online learning specialists Virtual College and Day One are working in collaboration to provide simulation training that delivers a true-to-life, immersive learning experience. The simulated systems are designed to closely mirror the look, feel, and functionality of any programme, so learners can practice their roles via online learning resources that are absolutely true to life.

Realistic scenarios can be created using the Dynamic Data™ system to provide randomly generated "customer" details.

The development environment allows any system to be simulated, transitioning between systems and even navigating through the desktop for remarkable realism. Because it is all compatible with the organisation's learning management system, every element of a trainee's performance on the simulated system can be tracked and scored.

The Dynamic Data™ engine effectively mirrors the real world, where all customers are unique and require a solution tailored to their problem. It has millions of ever-changing customer details and scenarios. This ensures trainees never get the same training scenario twice, which helps improve their ability to think on their feet.

To make the scenarios especially accurate, developers from Day One and Virtual College devote time and resources to acquiring an intimate knowledge of their clients' products, processes, and approach to resolving different issues.

By building an accurate model of the clients' data, Dynamic Data™ ensures the scenarios appear 100% realistic, even though they are entirely fictitious.

Hayley Khan, Virtual College's Head of Learning Technology Consultancy, commented, "We have worked closely with Day One on major projects over several years and are excited to offer this innovative training solution to the market. Virtually any system you want to train staff on can be replicated such as CRM, EPOS or HR systems."

Day One Director, Elaine Teal, added, "The simulation tool is already widely used in financial services, as well as contact centre environments to help shorten the time to competence for clients' new starters.

"In addition, if new systems are introduced into an organisation requiring large numbers of staff needing to be trained, the system simulation tool allows staff to 'learn by doing' so when the system goes live, staff are ready to go."