Reinventing Recruitment

The Talent Acquisition Imperative Launched by Fosway Group

Cirencester (UK), November 2018 - Fosway Group, a leading European HR industry analyst, has announced its analysis of the talent acquisition technology market. Starting with its current assessment of the recruitment industry in a freely available Viewpoint paper, Fosway has also confirmed in advance the publication of a new 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition in 2019.

The analyst's research shows that 87% of organisations believe skills gaps will continue to widen. Furthermore, finding the right people at the right time to fill these gaps is becoming increasingly challenging. Meanwhile, despite the continuing expansion and rapid evolution of the technology solutions available, many candidates are left with poor or frustrating experiences.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway, commented, "From all Fosway's research across twenty-plus years, we've never seen an imperative for change as strong as it is now within recruitment and talent acquisition technology. Recruiting processes aren't fit for purpose to meet the challenges organisations are facing. This is a clear priority for increased investment and technological innovation - and yet as the war for talent rages, most do not have the tools or ammunition to fight it."

He continued, "We've been monitoring and analysing this market for some time. However, having an opinion is no longer enough. It’s time to turn our extensive data into actionable insight for HR professionals to help them tackle some of the challenges that exist in recruitment today. Work has already begun on the new Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition and in such a crowded, fragmented, and competitive market, we expect it to make for interesting reading in 2019."