TopClass LMS Release

WBT Systems Enhances Social Learning for Professionals

Nashua, NH (USA), August 2016 - A major update to TopClass learning-management system offers enhanced social-learning capability for associations, continuing education, and corporate training programs. It features more rewarding and diverse learning experiences that increase engagement.

With the latest release of the TopClass Learning Management System, WBT Systems expands the social-learning capabilities of their comprehensive and flexible learning platform for associations, training organizations, and extended enterprise. Building on increasing demand for social and mobile learning experiences, the new TopClass 10 features a focus on making participation more rewarding for professional learners and simplifying the delivery of learning for administrators.

TopClass 10 extends the existing social-learning capabilities of TopClass LMS with the introduction of enhanced learner profiles and digital badges with full OpenBadges compatibility. Organizations can now design and share badges in TopClass LMS to reward members’ participation and learning achievements. Learners can display badges earned in TopClass LMS and external badges on the enhanced user profile and share to their Mozilla OpenBadges online backpack.

WBT Systems developed these new features based on the feedback of current clients, who were offered the opportunity to provide input into the design and functionality. Commenting on this process, WBT Systems’ Chief Technology Officer, Linda Bowers, said, "Working together with our clients to define the design of the new features was enjoyable and enlightening. Ultimately, it helps us to ensure that TopClass LMS provides a more relevant and useful experience for both learners and administrators. We look forward to working closely with our clients on future updates to TopClass."

Other key examples of how TopClass 10 LMS provides a comprehensive and flexible platform for the changing education needs of modern organizations include

  • Experience API support - Also known as xAPI or TinCan, Experience API support allows learners to record external learning activities they have completed on their user-profile transcript and to share outside the LMS via their social learning networks. Administrators benefit from deeper insight into learner progress and performance, and reliable course delivery on the widest range of devices.
  • streamlined user experience - A modern, clean interface for the user-management menu and new integrated product tours streamline the setup process to make getting started with TopClass even easier for learning administrators. The new at-a-glance layout makes it easy to find what you need to set up groups, users, and courses, providing helpful resources at your fingertips.