Adaptive learning

World Premiere at LEARNTEC: Area9 Lyceum and "AI at Its Best"

Andreas KambachLeipzig, May 2024 -The personalized adaptive-learning specialists Area9 Lyceum can claim to have significantly advanced adaptive learning on a large scale for twenty years. With Area9 Mindflow™, the company wants to amaze the professional world. "Your jaw will drop when you experience the future possibilities in the learning process generative AI avails" smiles Andreas Kambach, Managing Director of Area9 Lyceum GmbH. Kambach is looking forward to having the company’s founder and CEO, Ulrik Juul Christensen, come to Karlsruhe to announce the world premiere.

The adaptive learning platform Area9 RhapsodeTM already ensures that users are 100 percent consciously competent in their learning material and are optimally supported in their learning process. Kambach explains, “Learners’ initial competence is recorded, as is their learning development. Each individual receives the best possible support - just like in a 1:1 interaction with a personal teacher."

The system, in which the technical implementation of cognitive theory is stored, compares around thirty billion data points every thirty seconds to calculate the next best step. "The system is constantly 'thinking' about what to do, so to speak," adds Kambach. "This extends to the question of how confident learners are about the answers they have given. Through self-assessment and the system reaction, so-called 'unconscious incompetence', can also be uncovered and eliminated."

The next step is about scalability in the curation of adaptive-learning content based on granular learning objectives.

Using the new generative-AI platform Area9 MindFlow™, adaptive content can be created that delivers measurably greater learning effects in significantly less time and with significantly less effort (3-10x) than traditional linear eLearning content created with other tools. "At LEARNTEC, with the help of AI, we will show visitors what is currently unimaginable for many in this area," he promises.

Area9 Lyceum will present its world premiere on the Main Stage in Hall 2at,
04 June at 11:45.

Area9 Lyceum will also introduce its work in a keynote in the School@LEARNTEC area, 04 June at 13.00.

In addition, live sessions of the world premiere will take place dailyat the Area9 Lyceum stand, B28 in Hall 1.