Ascend 2016

Zavango Launches New Learning Platform

Montreal (CA), June 2016 - Zavango Corporation, a leading provider of video-centric knowledge-sharing applications, has announced the release of its innovative Ascend 2016, a knowledge sharing platform for manufacturing and other industries.  Ascend 2016 uniquely simplifies the knowledge-capture-and-transfer process to ensure businesses provide quality goods and services, while meeting regulatory requirements. It’s the second major release of Zavango’s award-winning platform. 

The new software version offers increased speed, broadened functionality, and ease of use. Applications for Ascend 2016 include

  • onboarding new employees - accelerate time to productivity by visually capturing and transferring knowledge
  • health and safety compliance - preventing mishaps with short, impactful interactive video of safety procedures
  • standard operating procedures - easily capture and share standard operating procedures and work instructions
  • product knowledge - rapidly train distributors, sales, and customers in regard to new products.

Manufacturing, engineering, and other companies are using Ascend 2016 worldwide to onboard new employees, ensure safety procedures are followed, provide real-time access to standard operating procedures and work instructions, and also provide product training. The platform allows users to access content across devices including phones, tablets, and computer browsers.

John F. Hudson, CEO Zavango Corporation, says, "Our new Ascend 2016 platform is a game changer. The world is transitioning from the written word to video-based communication, and we are focused on leadership in this space".