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Unicorn Support eLearning Charity Learn Appeal

Bournemouth (UK), October 2017 - Unicorn Training has thrown its creative weight behind eLearning charity Learn Appeal. In a bid to provide eLearning to communities that don’t have easy or reliable access to the internet, Unicorn has produced three courses for the Learn Appeal Capsule this year.

Learn Appeal offers a chance for the eLearning industry to combine its expertise and talents in order to bring learning to communities and people who are currently excluded from an environment that is often taken for granted. Unicorn took content previously donated to Learn Appeal on the topics of climate change, recycling lead-acid batteries, and recycling rubber and re-worked it into three interactive and engaging courses available in an offline environment.

Building the courses was the task of Unicorn intern, Jamie Paddock, who won his paid placement at the award-winning company through claiming Bournemouth University's international New Media Writing Prize Student Award last year. As an award-winning storyteller, Jamie undertook the instructional design, graphics, and development for all three courses.

Jackie Kennedy, Unicorn Chief Operating Officer, said, "We are delighted to have supported Learn Appeal this year. As a company, we get so much from making a difference to the charities we support, and we hope these courses will have a real impact in helping Learn Appeal achieve their aim of making eLearning available to all. This, in turn, can help change the lives of the people and communities they are supporting both at home and abroad."

The Climate Change course is targeted at anyone who wants to raise awareness of and take steps to combat climate change in the developing world. Recycling Lead-Acid Batteries is important in developing countries, where the batteries are used to power solar panels to produce electricity, especially in rural areas. The Recycling Rubber course looks primarily at the reclamation and reuse of scrap tyres as the major source of waste rubber in developing countries.

The Learn Appeal Capsule brings eLearning to places with no or prohibitively expensive internet access and/or limited mains electricity. The capsule, powered by a Raspberry Pi 2, houses an SD card that holds all the content, a Wi-Fi router, and an 18-hour USB-chargeable internal battery. It can support up to 200 connected users and promotes collaboration and interactivity by enabling learners to upload their own content, too.