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What to Look For in an eLearning Supplier

Gloucester (UK), October 2018 - The latest post on the Engage in Learning Blog offers advice - in the shape of ten criteria - on what buyers should be looking for in an eLearning supplier. Written by the internationally known online learning technologies writer and commentator Bob Little, this new blog post published by the UK-based eLearning producer and supplier says that any eLearning supplier should offer.

  1. up-to-date, relevant, 'expert' learning content that meets your organisation's - and learners' - needs
  2. eLearning materials that are editable (by you and / or the supplier)
  3. the same content in various languages to cater, in these multi-cultural times, for organisations that employ culturally diverse workforces
  4. materials that cater for a variety of delivery mechanisms - including the use of "older technology" to deliver the learning
  5. usability, i.e. ready-to-use materials requiring no "special" set-up time or enabling software
  6. materials that are accessible by all (catering for people of all physical and mental abilities) via a variety of delivery mechanisms.
  7. materials that are interactive and engaging and can also adapt to learners' different learning preferences
  8. a learning management system (LMS) and/or learning content management system (LCMS) to manage the learning content - not least making the learning content available on a 24/7 basis to all learners - that also monitors and measures its access by learners
  9. appropriate, relevant materials that are of sufficient quality for your purposes
  10. regular contact and after-sales care and support to ensure that the supplied eLearning materials continue to meet your organisation's and its learners' needs; to sort out any technical issues; and to develop or refine the eLearning materials as required.

Bob comments in the blog post, "While there are other valid criteria on which to base your decision regarding an eLearning supplier, one criterion that isn't on this list is price.

"Learning should be about the most effective and efficient way to give people new knowledge and skills. It's far more important to ensure that the eLearning materials you buy are of appropriate quality and are fit for their purpose, rather than to find the cheapest ones on the market so they'll have a smaller impact on your budget."

Kate Carter, Engage in Learning's Operations and Marketing Manager, said, "Bob's ten criteria make interesting reading and offer valuable advice to eLearning buyers. Naturally, I'm delighted that Engage in Learning meet all ten of Bob's criteria."