Digital Transformation

The Center for Leadership Studies Partners with NovoEd

San Francisco, CA (USA), May 2022 - NovoEd, a leading social and collaborative learning platform for deep capability building, has announced its partnership with The Center for Leadership Studies (CLS), a global home of the Situational Leadership Model.

The partnership will power The Center for Leadership Studies' digitally transformed program, Situational Leadership Essentials for Managers. As one of the most widely recognized leadership development models, the Situational Leadership Model is a timeless, repeatable framework that enables leaders to match their behaviors with the performance needs of the individual or group they are attempting to influence.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with NovoEd and the unveiling of our new program, Situational Leadership® Essentials for Managers," said Maureen Shriver, CEO, The Center for Leadership Studies. "Utilizing NovoEd's social and collaborative learning platform, we will be able to offer a digital learning experience for all that is as flexible and adaptable as our content."

"Situational Leadership is one of the most influential tools for leadership training on the market because its singular approach is context driven, specific to the situation, and scalable," said Scott Kinney, CEO and Chairman of the Board, NovoEd. "It is an honor to partner with CLS to further its flagship program."

With millions of leaders trained across the globe, The Center for Leadership Studies' Situational Leadership Model and influence-focused courses enable leaders to engage in performance conversations that build trust, increase productivity, and drive behavior change.

Situational Leaders demonstrate four core leadership competencies by diagnosing an individual's performance readiness, adapting leader behavior based on the diagnosis, effectively communicating an influence approach, and advancing toward higher performance.

Measurable benefits of this program include creating a common language for performance, accelerating the pace and quality of employee development, and teaching leaders to accurately interpret and respond to their environment.

CLS services customers both domestically and internationally through an extensive network of more than 200 learning professionals in more than 38 countries. Its new program, Situational Leadership® Essentials for Managers, will be hosted on the social and collaborative NovoEd learning platform, allowing the modern learner to access world-class content through an impact-focused learning modality.

"NovoEd's partnership with The Center for Leadership Studies is a natural fit and a logical progression for both companies," said Todd Moran, Chief Learning Strategist, NovoEd. "Our social and collaborative learning platform is purpose built to deliver cohort-based experiences like CLS' Situational Leadership® Essentials for Managers online and at scale, and our partnership will help CLS enhance its digital presence."

"Organizations face increasing challenges building and maintaining a cohesive, global training program, as well as ensuring the training results in positive changes to the company," said Suzie Bishop, VP of Product Development, The Center for Leadership Studies. "Situational Leadership® Essentials for Managers is the future of CLS, and we are ecstatic to be on this journey with a partner like NovoEd."

You can experience The Center for Leadership Studies/NovoEd collaboration live and in person. They will co-host two events at this year's ATD International Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida to celebrate the launch of Situational Leadership® Essentials for Managers.

NovoEd's Charlie Chung and CLS's Suzie Bishop will present a workshop demo session - It's Situational: Our Journey from Traditional to Digital Blended Learning Experiences - from 13.00-14.00 ET on 16 May at the tradeshow to explore how CLS partnered with NovoEd to bring its best-in-class Situational Leadership® curriculum to the modern learner.

CLS and NovoEd will also partner to present a "Party with the Penguins" at SeaWorld's Antarctica Empire of the Penguin Habitat Exhibit. Join SeaWorld's massive penguin colony and leaders from NovoEd and CLS from 19.00-22.00 ET on 16 May for food, beverages, and a voyage to the bottom of the world.

To learn more or to RSVP for this exclusive, limited-capacity reception, please visit NovoEd's or CLS's ATD 2022 website.